Students take field trip to San Diego

Posted: April 29, 2014 in Academics, Science, Trips

By Quynten Lopez
Cougar News Blog

Cactus Canyon students have been going on the same trip year after year to San Diego. They do it because students get to learn about marine life while still having fun. This year’s trip was March 7-9.
Candace Wyatt, Wendy McQuilkin, Lindy Andresen and Tammy Howard were all there as chaperones helping the students. The students had to pay $400 each, which paid for the buses, entry fees, and meals.
They also went to the San Diego Zoo to see animals and have fun. Students learned things even when they didn’t know it.
“I learned that a blue whale is 100 ft. and can weigh up to 160 tons,” said eighth grader Joelyn Reza.
Wyatt said the trip has been planned three years in advance in hopes that CCJH will continue this trip for as long as she continues teaching. She said she was pleased with how students represented Cactus Canyon.
“Students were very responsible on the trip,” said Wyatt.
Most students had fun and seventh graders agreed that they would come on the trip again next year as eighth graders.
“San Diego was magical and beautiful, it was the time of my life,” said seventh grader Nadio Ochoa. “I met a lot of new people that are now my best friends.”

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