SMART projectors to enter Cactus Canyon classrooms

Posted: May 7, 2014 in Academics, Current Events and Issues, Language arts, Organizations, PTO, Science

By Alysa Rippee
Cougar News Blog

Cactus Canyon is drawing in a new resource to help enhance the learning experience in the classrooms. A way where multiple students can use the wall as a lesson. With this technology, writing on the wall is not only acceptable, but encouraged.
CCJH has just given a home to a new use of technology that will be used in multiple classes to help students enjoy learning. Thanks to fundraising efforts by the Cactus Canyon PTO, SMART Tech projectors have been put into the science and language art classrooms around the school. Seventh grade teacher Candice Wyatt was one of the first teachers to try out the SMART projectors before they began putting them into other classrooms at CCJH.
The SMART projectors allow teachers to project images on any flat surface and use the interactive pen to write on the surface. The high definition projector also has speakers and a microphone for listening to videos or doing voice recordings.
“I’m excited about having the new technology. Hopefully my students will help me find new and fun ways to learn science using the SMART projector,” eighth grade teacher Candice Wyatt said.
So far, the only challenges with the projectors include the teachers having to use and figuring out how to integrate them into the students’ learning.
“My challenge is having enough time to learn the new programs and implementing them into my classroom,” Wyatt said.
Eighth grader Jessica Sigler explained how it is entertaining to watch the teachers try to figure out how to use the SMART projectors.
“The adjustment to having SMART (projectors) in classrooms is going to be hard for the teachers,” she said. “This is new technology to them and trying to teach and learn at the same time must be challenging.”
The projectors were funded by the Parent Teacher Organization. Wyatt said that the SMART projectors will provide more student centered work that helps student be more comfortable with sharing their work with the class.
“SMART projectors are less expensive than SMART Boards but just as interactive,” eighth grade teacher Tammy Howard said. “They are an excellent way of integrating technology into curriculum and are a great way to engage students.”
Some students have expressed that they have previously worked with SMART boards, another technology by SMART Tech company. For most, this is their first time experiencing the technology.
“It’s very interactive which is fun and will have more kids paying attention,” eighth grader Evan Quiroz said, “It’s good because I’m a visual learner; it keeps me focused.”
  1. […] Smart Projectors to enter Cactus Canyon Classrooms – I thought this post was interesting because it introduced a new piece of technology I haven’t heard of yet. Instead of having an actual Smart Board, teachers can use the projector on any classroom space or wall and then use the interactive pens. This technology makes it easier for students to share their work with the entire class. I also found it humorous that the students comment on how they enjoy watching their teachers figure out how to use the new technology. I can relate to this and must say students are very patient and always willing to help troubleshoot. […]

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