Author Jonathan Stroud comes to CCJH

Posted: May 8, 2014 in Current Events and Issues, Library

By Kathy G.
Cougar News Blog

Jonathan Stroud, author of fantasy books, came to Cactus Canyon on April 3, and talked to 30 students about his books, career, and answered any questions the students had.
For students to be able to participate, there was a drawing for the aspiring readers in the millionaires and half-millionaires club. Students could also get invited by purchasing a signed copy of his most recent book.
One of the things the students enjoyed the most was the storyboard Stroud showed them. A storyboard is something an author usually makes to identify the main events that will happen in the story before he or she starts writing. It help the author keep track of ideas during writing process and why he or she chooses the characters to be the way they were and if the meaning of parts of the plot.
“He began by telling a little about himself and his history. As he began discussing his book he employed not only a slide show presentation, but with the audience’s participation and their suggestions he sketched out a visual storyboard,” librarian Jennifer Cameron said.
Stroud’s newest book is about three children that are part of a psychic agency that fights ghosts in London.
“He proceed with the help of a volunteer to demonstrate the equipment that ghost hunters would likely find necessary in pursuit of their quarry,” Cameron said. “He concluded his presentation with a question and answer session about not only his newest book ‘The Screaming Staircase’ but happily fielded questions about his many other books.”
Students thought his presentation was laid out very well and ended up loving it and learning a lot.
“The outcome was a good one, one I will probably never forget (since) he was the first author I ever met,” said eighth grader Kayla Mix. “I learned many things that I didn’t before and it was a great experience I was happy to be apart of.”

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