Seventh graders learn about biomes in science

Posted: May 23, 2014 in Academics, Project-based Learning, Science, Technology

By Angel Meeks
Cougar News Blog

Seventh grade science students in Ms. Wilbur’s class recently did a biomes project. The students had to pick a biome, research it, and create a presentation on the biome they chose. This project took six weeks with the presentations.
Biomes are different regions of land in which organisms live such as, tundra, desert, forest, ocean, and so on.
“I learned that there is a big variety of biomes,” said Savannah Castillo.
Ms. Wilbur’s students learned more about biomes then they did before. Their knowledge on biomes grew bigger as they learned there are more biomes than what they thought.
“I expected my student to learn very, detailed information on their biome,” Wilbur said.
Students worked hard and really enjoyed working on the project. Although they had six weeks to work on the project, they worked on it as hard as they could, as they wanted to get a good grade on it.
“Some of the students worked really hard and did projects with their presentations,” said Wilbur.
Some of her students would have changed things about their own project or the whole project itself. Some wanted it to be more of a challenge, and others would have liked to go back and fix the mistakes they made in the project.
“I would have went back on the project and put more effort into it if I could,” said Castillo.
When the all the students were finished with their projects, they went in front of the class, individually and presented their projects.

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