Students celebrate love of reading

Posted: May 23, 2014 in Academics, Language arts
Students made monster bookmarks like these during I Love to Read Week.

Students made monster bookmarks like these during I Love to Read Week.

By Mariahrose Manell
Cougar News Blog

The week of March 31 through April 4 was “booked” all week long for the annual I Love to Read Week. I Love to Read Week is a school program that has different activities involving reading. Mrs. Lisa Smith was preparing for a long time to dedicate the week to reading.
Each day offered a different reading-related activity during students’ ZAP class. For example, teachers read children’s books to their classes one day and on others students made monster bookmarks and wrote stories.
Many student particularly enjoyed making the monster bookmarks.
“I did enjoy doing the bookmark(s),” said Language Arts teacher Tammy Howard. “I even made some with my grandson and daughter at home.”
They also liked the Wacky Tales, a Mad Libs style game that allowed them to write silly stories.
“I thought the Wacky Tales were very creative,” said eighth-grader Joellynn Reza. “It turned out very funny.”
On Thursday each student wrote the beginning line of a story and passed it to the next person to add one line. At the end, teachers read some of the stories out loud.
“It was interesting to see how the students’ story came together,” says Howard. “It was actually pretty funny.”
It took a total of two weeks to decide and come up with the activities. Many students enjoyed the activities because they were either cute or creative. Some of the activities were even Pinterest ideas.
“I believe the student really enjoyed the activities created for them,” said Smith.
I Love to Read Week was a huge success this year. Students thought the Wacky Tales was hilarious and creative, and the Monster Bookmarks adorable and cute.

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