CCJH band raises up dough for field trip

Posted: September 15, 2014 in Band, Electives, Fundraisers, Trips

By Erik Lundquest
Cougar News Blog

Seize your hunger by buying all kinds of cookie dough throughout this month. This isn’t just ordinary cookie dough, instead it’s a one- way ticket for Cactus Canyon Junior High’s advanced band to travel to Disneyland in California.
This is where the marching band will perform numerous song numbers around the streets of Disneyland In March. But without selling cookie dough the trip won’t happen.
“I have high expectations for this fundraiser because I know that my students are super determined to go to Disney,” said band director Aimee Vining.
Cookie dough will go on sale Sept. 5 and end Sept. 17. The cookie dough prices will range from $15 to $16 for several kinds of cookie dough and other treats. Orders will be in place as long as they are ordered before Sept. 17.
Students will perform multiple times around the park and on their free time they will get to let loose and enjoy the magic of roller coasters and other rides around the amusement park. The students breakfast, dinner, hotel rooms, and tickets for Disneyland will all be paid for with the money raised.
The cost of the trip from Arizona to Disney is $6000 which is no walk in the park.
“Giving people our all is the thing our band does best,” said eighth grader Rosalyn Arriola.
“I believe we will sell all the cookie dough and raise the $6,000 for the trip,” said eighth grader Claire Albertsen.
The money raised will go mostly to the transportation of the trip. Some of the money will go to scholarships to help students pay for the trip.
The two-day trip will happen on March 27 for the returning band, jazz band and orchestra from last year. The first day are the performances and the second day is the laid back day. “I’m so stoked and ready for this trip, it wish it would happen earlier,” said eighth grader Shane Scoffin.

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