Volleyball camp prepares athletes for season

Posted: September 16, 2014 in Athletics, Volleyball
Photo by Sami Groneberg

Photo by Sami Groneberg

By Pauline Harner
Cougar News Blog

Members of the Cactus Canyon volleyball team are spiking their way through their first volleyball camp that started Sept. 3. Mrs. Roach is doing volleyball camp to let seventh- and eighth-grade girls improve their volleyball skills.
The camp goes from 2:30 to 4 p.m. Mondays and Wednesdays in the gym. They have games every Friday. This is to help the girls learn to be better and is another way for the girls to try to be on a sports team.
“From volleyball camp I have improved a lot,” said eighth grader Kennedy Bishop. “My coaches have helped me mainly on my serving and making sure the ball goes over the net.”
The coaches are Mrs. Roach who coaches the A team, and Mr. Gibson who coaches the B team.
“I want them (the players) to learn the fundamentals of volleyball, improve their ability to play well, learn to be part of the team, and work together to accomplish a common goal,” said Mrs. Roach. “We are focusing on passing, serving, setting, and hitting.”
This volleyball camp provides the girls with extra help to make the volleyball team.
“I think this will benefit the team because if students do participate in the camp and then try out for the volleyball team, they would already have some experience and have a better chance at making the team,” said eighth grader Lucia Kimble.

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