PRIDE program enters second year

Posted: September 22, 2014 in Cougar PRIDE

By Sandy Meyer
Cougar News Blog

Cactus Canyon Jr. High is starting its second year of the PRIDE matrix and the staff of the school hopes that the students will see that having these set of expectations makes the school better.
The PRIDE program lays out a set of expectations for all students and rewards them for doing the right thing. The staff of CCJH is always reminding students of the expectations and has the PRIDE matrix on the walls all over the school. The school is hoping they can get the PRIDE matrix in the back of the students minds so they remember what is expected from them to make this year better than last year. The staff hopes that reinforcing it will have students make it a part of their school life.
“There should be no surprises,” said Assistant Principal Joyce Gingrich.
The school uses PRIDE paws,which are cards that the staff gives to student for doing what they are supposed to do and following directions. After students get their PRIDE paw they turn them into the office for prizes and awards.
Students say they think the PRIDE paws makes them want to follow the et expectations more than if they didn’t have the incentives.
“I do think the PRIDE paws helps students want to follow the pride matrix,” says eighth grader Allannalenn Lindstrom.
The PRIDE matrix has not changed at all from last year, but this is only the second year so there might be updates in the future. The staff is trying to do better with reinforcing the PRIDE matrix this year than they did last year.The staff just wanted the students to know there are rules wherever they go in life and thats why they started the PRIDE matrix last year.
“We hope that our students will start realizing that life is about expectations and that there are understood expectations they will have to follow throughout life, no matter the situation,” said Mr.Cantrell.
Cactus Canyon plans to keep the PRIDE matrix for the following school years and keep the PRIDE paws. The staff plan to keep improving the PRIDE matrix. The school plans to keep reinforcing the PRIDE matrix and having the student know what to expect in their future life.
“I believe the matrix is now a permanent part of CCJH,” said Mrs.Gingrich.

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