Edublogs Week 3 – Travel and Places

Posted: September 29, 2014 in Edublogs Challenge


Three cool places to visit in Phoenix

By Hannah Wolfe

     There is a huge amount of places to visit in Phoenix, AZ. But, there aren’t as many places you can visit year round. For example, Chase Field, the Diamondbacks baseball stadium is a very cool, fun place to visit is Phoenix. However, it’s only open during baseball season.
     Three places I would highly recommend would be the Phoenix Zoo, the Arizona Science Center, and last but not least the Hall of Fame Museum of Firefighting. I recommend the Phoenix Zoo because it’s a place full of fun, animals, and other wildlife. It’s great atmosphere allows all kinds of people to feel welcome. It has lots of areas where you can buy drinks and snacks. There are a couple cafe’s scattered around the zoo too.
     I would also recommend the Arizona Science Center. It’s an inspiring 4-story building filled with lots of science exhibits. There are 350 exhibits that are hands on. Workers at the Arizona Science Center teach and entertain visitors about science. There are lots of educational activities and science programs including, summer science camp, Adult’s Night Out, thematic events, Stroller Science pre-school programs, and the Science on Wheels outreach program.
     In addition, I would also suggest the Hall of Fame Museum of Firefighting. This the biggest firefighting museum chronicles in the history of the profession and commemorates fallen firefighters. There are five exhibit bays and the National Firefighting Hall of Heroes gallery.
     There are so many other exciting places to visit in Phoenix, Arizona. But these are only three of many that I would recommend.


Three cool places to visit in Phoenix

By Abriann Rios Pineda

     If anyone were to go to the capital of my state, which is Phoenix, Arizona, 3 places I would recommend going to is Castles-n-Coasters, the Phoenix zoo, and the Arizona Science Center. I have been to all these places and I think they are really fun to go to.
     Castles-n-Coasters is an amusement park. I recommend going here because they have really fun arcade games. There are over 250 arcade games. You can also ride go-carts, my favorite part of going there. The roller coasters are so much fun too! I’m not really a person who likes golf, but I had fun playing mini-golf there.
     I would also recommend going to the Phoenix zoo too because it’s a nice relaxing place to just go and walk around. They have fun stands where you can get a facepainting or a funny drawing of you and a friend or family member. Or you can go on the Sky Ride. It’s kind of like a ski lift. It takes you across the zoo and then you can go back the other way. I really liked it.
     I went to the Arizona Science Center for a field trip for school in the third grade and I thought it was the coolest place ever. My favorite part was the Forces of Nature immersive Theater. You stand on a platform like thing and you can feel the ground shake from earthquakes, thunder, and lightning. There are large screens where you can watch the weather change. They even have it rain on you or feel the heat of a volcano or heat wave.


If I could live anywhere

By Alyssa Flores

     If I had a chance to live anywhere in the world. I would like to live in a small town in the forest. The forest is a very calming and relaxing place. A small town is perfect because you can know anyone and everyone. Everyone would be friends and go over to each others house during the holidays. The forest has a nice touch with a small town because the weather is always perfect, with the trees hovering over the houses with the animal noises in the morning. Drinking a cup of coffee on your front porch. I think a small town in the forest gives you time to finish everything because you don’t have any distractions with busy cars, loud people, fast moving people. You would be able to read a book by the fire and camp out every weekend in your backyard. You can listen to the calming animal noises echoing in the forest. Having the chance to have gatherings with everyone from the town. You would get look up at the stars with the breeze blowing in you face. A warm blanket cozing near the fire during the winter nights. being surrounded by the sweet smell and sound of nature. Growing up around nature is would be a wonderful childhood. In a cabin is a perfect way to get away from the busy world and let loose for a period of time. That is why I would live in a small town in the forest.


If I could live anywhere

By Eric Lundquest

     If I were able to live anywhere in the world i’d choose to live in Montana. Montana has beautiful scenery as well as plentiful wildlife. Being a hunter the deep woods and chilly conditions are excellent hunting and living conditions from my perspective. While there is a low population and limited stores the landscape makes up for all of that and then some. The true beauty lies in the mountainous region of Montana where you can look over the forest as far as the eye can see. The ideal living place for me would be deep within the forests of Montana in a medium sized cabin just living off the the land and off the grid in a simple yet hardworking lifestyle. For me living outdoors in Montana is a dream that I would like to someday fulfill. It’s not the just the natural beauty and plentiful wildlife that draws me to Montana its the sense of knowing that you are responsible for your own survival and well being, as well as the simplistic living style of leaving behind the modern technology and stress for fresh pine scented air and majestic scenery of the Montana’s forests.


If I could live anywhere

By Ian Hager

If I could live anywhere I wanted,I would want to live in San Diego,California. I would want to live there because the weather is never too hot,there are beaches,and there are a lot of nice houses. The only downside of living in San Diego is that the houses are super expensive, for a 6 bedroom 11 bathroom house you will end up spending $27,000,000 or $104,000 a month. The only reason why the homes are a lot of money is because most of them are on the beach. Another reason why I want to live there is because it’s my favorite place to visit during summer vacation. When I go to San Diego, I go to the beach,restaurants,and Sea World. At the beach I ride my surfboard and run around like a crazy hooligan on the beach while I chase crabs around. So if I lived there I wouldn’t have to take an eight-hour drive from Scottsdale,Arizona to San Diego,California and then another eight-hour drive back. If I lived in San Diego I would have a house right on the beach so if I wanted to go surfing I could just walk outside my backdoor and go to the ocean and surf. Another thing I like about San Diego is the food. My favorite kind of food is seafood like shrimp,crab and lobster which they have a lot of. The best restaurant in San Diego is called Brigantine Seafood Restaurant, it is a 4 star restaurant with a big selection of seafood. The weather in San Diego is super nice. The highest temperature in San Diego ever recorded is 111 degrees fahrenheit. The average temperature in San Diego is 72 degrees fahrenheit. But then the water is about 40 degrees which is too cold for me to swim in but I still swim in it anyways. When i’m older I am planning on becoming a professional boxer and I want to own a pet tiger. But….. they are illegal in California which means I can’t own one. When I go to San Diego with my dad we always go to the gym at 5:00 in the morning and usually stay there until 9:00 in the morning. The gym we go to is called LA fitness and it is open 24 hours. I also want to go scuba diving and see sharks,stingrays,jellyfish, and many more fish and weird creatures. If I lived in San Diego I would have a yacht and go deep sea fishing and try to catch the craziest fish ever.


If I could live anywhere

Jessica Conrad

     If I could live anywhere in the world, I would like to live in Hawaii. I lived there for a few years when my dad was stationed there.
     I think Hawaii is very beautiful. There’s so much things to do and a lot of neat sights to see. I really want to go back.
     The reason why I want go back so much is because I’m older now. I can appreciate the beauty of the nature much better now.
     I also have a lot of family and family friends who still there. Where I live now, I don’t have any family members that live here.
     There’s also a lot of activities to do. For example, going to the beach and swimming, or even surfing! I enjoy swimming and being in the water. You can be really active when you live there!
     Since there is a lot of tourism, there’s probably a lot of different shows and tours to see and do. I think it would be really fun do all that sort of stuff, too.
     I would like to live in Hawaii because there’s so many things to do, and it’s such a beautiful place. I can’t wait to go back to visit or even maybe live there!


If I could live anywhere

Logan Duncan

     If I could live anywhere it would have to be the Mass Effect universe. It is my favorite gaming universe, it has a great storyline that does a great job of immersing the player. They also have a large set of books to go with the game. The future setting really draws me in, i am also a fan of the halo universe. I would also want to live in it because I would want to be a hero, like the main character Commander Shepard. He is a N7 marine who was made into a spectre, which is a soldier who works in Special Tactics and Recon division. My goal would be the same, join the spectres and save people. Living with all of the aliens would be pretty cool as well, it would be fun to visit all of their worlds and try all of their different traditions. There is so much to do in the Mass Effect universe as well, there is always someone who needs help or a mission that needs done. Not to mention there are so many interesting characters, they each have different stories and it would be fun to learn them all.
     The main enemy of the Mass Effect universe is the reapers, an ancient race of machines that come around every 50,000 years to wipe out all advanced organic life. I would enjoy fighting the reapers and saving Earth as well as other worlds from the reapers. There is also a terrorist organization called Cerberus, they want to secure human interests in the galaxy. They are led by a man who is only known as The Illusive Man since no one knows his real name or rarely sees him in person. I would like to fight off Cerberus from killing other races just to secure human interests. If I could live in another universe it would definitely be the Mass Effect universe.


If I went to the capital

By Raylan Nelson

     If you were to come to Arizona, right now is the perfect time because it is cool, in the early morning, and gets warmer in the middle of the day, and has been getting humid in the evening, because we have had some rain lately. When we have rain, it floods, so streets get washed over, dirt goes everywhere, and there is a lot of car accidents. Three things that would highly suggest you go see in Arizona, in the Grand Canyon, a big tourist hit, Goldfield Ghost Town, and Canyon Lake.
     Many people like to see the Grand Canyon, because it’s a beautiful, natural creation, and the way it was made, honestly is just so fascinating.. It’s a beautiful sight, and everyone seems to want to see the Grand Canyon, obviously that is also why Arizona’s nickname, is the “Gold Canyon State..”
     Ghostfield Ghost town, is just outside of Apache Junction, its like a recreation of history, of what it used to look like in the ‘50’s, there is candy stores, with original candy, but freshly made, antiques you can buy, a reptile shop, that you can go see what kind of animals, are around, a fudge shop, an ice cream shop, a restaurant, and a train, where you can take a tour, around what the small town was built around. It is a great sight, and very educational, but you will want to bring water, becasue when it is cool it is also very expensive!
     You go to Canyon Lake, by passing Ghost Town, the drive up is intense, becasue it rounds the mountains, and there is cliffs, that people have drove off and died, but while intense, it is gorgeous, to see the mountains so close, and the nature around it, rounding a mountain, you see the lake, and it is a beautiful moment, many photographers would kill to get a landscape portrait that beautiful.
     Many people love to come to Arizona, and I would highly suggest you, come to visit Arizona, and visit the few things that I have lister, and some more.


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