NJHS tries something new for fundraising

Posted: September 29, 2014 in Uncategorized

By Maddie Chilson
Cougar News Blog

This year, the NJHS members at Cactus Canyon are going to try something new to raise money.
NJHS members will be selling VIP tickets to staff and students for $1 each. The tickets are for a chance to watch a CCJH sporting event on a couch while being served all the snacks they can eat. NJHS members are hoping to raise enough money to pay off most of the Disneyland trip that will be taking place at the end of the school year.
“We have no set expectations for the amount of money we raise,” said Ms. Howard. “We are just hoping to earn some funds since we have lost the majority of our funding resources.”
The purpose of the VIP tickets is for students to be able to be catered to at their advantage. Once a ticket is purchased, it gets put into a drawing. The VIP tickets are beneficial in two ways. One being that it’s going to help raise money for the trip and parents won’t have to pay for everything out of their pockets. Two, because kids will be served popcorn and soda while sitting on a couch watching a game with two friends of his or her choice.
“I bought a ticket, and I hope that I’m able to get drawn,” says eighth grader Wyatt Bradford.
The first drawing for the VIP tickets has already occurred, and the winner was Mrs. Cindy Wilson, a seventh grade teacher.
“We sold 10 tickets but hope to do better as students learn more about becoming a VIP,” said Ms. Howard.
The VIP tickets and other fundraising should help raise enough money for the kids to be able to take a two-day trip to Disneyland and do a leadership program with the Disneyland staff.
“I think this is a cool way to earn money,” said Bradford.
For the first game, a couch was borrowed because they do not own one currently. In the future, Ms. Howard and Ms. Reesor, the NJHS directors, hope to do more fundraisers, possibly a chili supper.
“I will be looking into buying a couch so we will not have to borrow one in the future,” said Ms. Howard.

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