Softball team looks for another undefeated season

Posted: September 30, 2014 in Athletics, Softball
Photo by Kaileah Goucher

Photo by Kaileah Goucher

By Raylan J.
Cougar News Blog

Cactus Canyon’s softball season is underway. The school tryouts were Aug. 11, the final cuts were Aug. 19. A gathering of 35 girls tried out, and only 21 girls made the softball team.
The Cougars, have been undefeated for two years and haven’t lost in six games this season. Coach Bill is a strict coach, and many girls, can get their feelings hurt, and the exercises done can be difficult, but it’s just the best for the team.
“What made it difficult to make the softball team this year is that Coach Bill is a very strict coach, so you have to be listening or else he won’t think you’ll be ‘cut-out’ for the team,” said eighth-grader Alyssa Decino.
Coach Bill Wilson said Cactus Canyon’s team has always been strong at batting. Fielding is good, but batting has always been the speciality.
“Hitting is the team’s best aspect, and we need to continue to work on our pitching in all aspects of the game, so we can improve the girls attitudes, to continue to grow together as a team and work together, so we can be very good,” Wilson said. “Also, so we can win the tournament and league, and be undefeated at the end of the season again.”
To help reach the goal of another league title, softball players practiced before hand for the season, by…., such as going to the batting cages, playing catch with their friends, or just doing stretches.
“I have been preparing for the season by going to the indoor batting cages with my friends,” said eighth grader Maegan Smith. “And just throwing around a softball from time to time with my closest softball friends.”
The Cougars have been undefeated for two years and haven’t lost yet this season. The last game is Sept. 30 at home against Maricopa Wells. The league championships will be this Saturday Oct. 4, in Coolidge.

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