Advanced language arts students search for their dream job

Posted: October 2, 2014 in Academics, Language arts, Project-based Learning

By Theresa VanPelt
Cougar News Blog

Mrs. Howard’s advanced class worked for about a week on a project about what they wanted to become as an adult, then presented their project to the public on the night of September 16.
This project, the Dream Job project, allowed students to research what they want to be when they get older. This included all the pros, cons, pay rate, hours, and many other details about the job, and to see why they they want it and if they still do after finding all this information. After they completed this, they made a poster board from the information they gathered.
“It was fun to figure out all of the different things we could be and also to see what our classmates would want to be,” said eighth grader Marissa Gregory.
The project has not had many changes over the almost 10 years that teacher Tammy Howard has been doing it. This year the only changes that were made from last year was the time of year it was done and the addition of figurative language. This addition improved the quality and creativity of the projects.
“I did make a change this year that I will incorporate again next year,” said Ms. Howard. “I will continue to include the figurative language piece.”
This taught the students how to research and organize the information that they later put on their poster boards. They also won extra credit for being voted for in the categories of most creative, which went to Hermance Luff and Erik Lunquest. Luff’s presentation was also named most original, most organized, and best overall. Most informative went to Bryce Maloney and best figurative language went to Lucia Kimble.
“My favorite part of the project was all of the project,” said Luff. “But I really liked seeing all my classmates posters and seeing what they came up with, and the winning part too.”

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