Blog Action Day 2014 – Inequality

Posted: October 15, 2014 in Blog Action Day, Edublogs Challenge

The staff of the Cougar News Blog is participating in this year’s Blog Action Day. Each year, bloggers from around the world post about issues like the environment, poverty, and climate change. This year’s issue is inequality. Following a class discussion about ways people receive unequal treatment, students chose a topic to write about from their own personal knowledge and experience. Students were given almost no direction for this assignment, so what you read is entirely the ideas from the minds of 13- or 14-year-old eighth graders. For more information, visit

Racial Inequality

By Abriann Rios Pineda

     Racism has been around for a really long time. Even after the Jim Crow Law was passed. Jim Crow Laws are racial segregation laws made in 1876. That only stopped African-Americans from having to be separated from white people, and hate crimes from being committed. People mostly think of white people and African-Americans when they hear the word racism or racist, or when they are having a conversation about it. It also involves Chinese and Japanese in other parts, all over the world.
     Racism still is around. I think it exist more at schools. Students in class get made fun of because of what color they are or what their race is. It also happens on the bus and at after school events. Aside from it happening at school between students, it happens at restaurants where the waiters and waitresses don’t want to serve a person because of their race. It also happens at libraries, stores, and attraction sites.
     Some people say “not to be racist or anything, but…” and then they will say something to that person that makes him/her feel uncomfortable. Maybe that person feels like they were being racist to him/her. The situation could be as simple as that, or another example that’s even more simple is a family is being stared at with an unpleasant look from a family that is a different race dressed more different and look different.
     I’ve been in this situation before and I’ve seen others in this situation. I feel that for someone to act like that with another human being is very hateful because they are a person too. It makes me think what if you were that person being made fun of or looked at in a way you don’t want to be looked at. I would feel really uncomfortable, and that’s why I don’t like racism or could ever act like that.

Age, Race, and Gender

By Aysaiah A.

     Everybody is the same whether you are a different race, gender, age. It does not matter because we are all human beings, but most people around the world don’t notice that. Some people don’t know that we are all the same as them.
     Racism is one of the most biggest factors of inequality. People around the world still are against another race. From the 1700’s to the 1960’s people were racist against African Americans. They thought that they were aliens, that they were not human but they are. Racism is not illegal but it should be.
     Age is not really a big factor in inequality, but it still counts. An older person (per say an employee) could be treating a younger employee less favorably because of his age. This happens all the time. Young people treat older people less favorably because of their age. Young people (per say a teenager) can act like a complete jerk to older people. They could say “Oh, they are too old to even hear what we are saying” or things even worse.
     Gender is another factor of inequality. People of different genders are being discriminated against also. An example would be a man wanted to buy a car for $30,000. Then a woman wants to buy one but the car dealer raises the price just because she is a girl. Women are mostly being discriminated against in Iran. Women are not allowed to show skin or else they with get beaten by their boyfriend or husband. Women are humans too. This should not happen but it does.


By Erik Lundquest

     The moment you were born you were something unique to the world. Whether that is a failed pop star, cough cough Miley Cyrus, a great and powerful leader, haha I’m not talking about Barack Obama or an amazing singer who doesn’t know how to dance, Taylor Swift. But dissing celebrities and awful politicians isn’t the main purpose of this document.
     Gender unfairness has been around for thousands of years from one side of the planet to the other. The word ‘unfair’ is used to much in this world and gender unfairness challenges that even more. What is gender unfairness, some people might say? Gender unfairness is basically what it sounds like, its literally being unfair to another gender. Consider Meg from Family Guy, she never gets a chance and always dies in every special from the popular tv show. How she comes back alive in the next episode is a total mystery kinda like how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop.
     Gender unfairness sounds like an ok to some people because you’re not the other gender, Lady Gaga is in the center on this by the way. In fact gender unfairness could leave to depressions, mental comma or even worse, suicide. In some parts of the world suicide is the only answer to be taken away from their horrible miserable life. This all happened from the other gender mostly males taking over control over the other gender yet again mostly females. In parts of Africa females aren’t aloud to show their faces, drive cars, go outside or they get shot for it. The person is taking a bullet for doing everyday things we do in North America.
     Being the other gender is a choice we don’t have but through luck and chance you are born you, and you are perfect. I’m mostly friends with females and there all amazing and fun to hang out with. The reason I’m mostly friends with girls at this school is because some of the guys are total buttholes to girls and thats something I hate about people.
     Bullies should be the number one word used in America till the date because its used so much and it shouldn’t be. The word twerk has also been used so much this year I think in the future, grannies will shake it till they will be hanging out with jesus. Females shouldn’t be ashamed that they are female but instead be proud because they put up with so much bull shrimp with males. People should put down their bendable iphone 6 and see the real world.
     Females and males should be peaceful with no conflicts, racism should be a thing of the past no one should remember and bullying shouldn’t be a thing. We were all born different female, male, tall, small, skinny, a little bit skinny, but all those don’t matter unless you make them do. We were all created to do something incredible like curing a deadly disease, becoming a doctor or even saving a cat from a tree.
     Have you ever heard the story of the Hunger Games and Katniss? She was born into country 12, the poorest of all countries but she didn’t mind, she instead won the games twice and stopped the king. She saved the world with her power and hope. That’s what people need to do. Shoot bows and kill people that are incidentally in the game? No, be who you are and not be ashamed, overcome your problems and achieve your goals against all odds.


By Harrison Talbott

     All over the globe there are people that are being punished for being different than others, be it through race, religion, and age. While some countries have laws to prevent discrimination, it’s still a pressing problem that needs to be addressed. One of the more serious cases of discrimination would be the one taking place in Iraq and Syria caused by ISIS.
     ISIS has been slaughtering innocent people that have different religious beliefs. Another example would be Adolf Hitler who is responsible for the deaths of millions of Jewish people because he believed that they were inferior to his so called perfect “Aryan race” that he claimed to be the strongest and best race. However today more action is being taken to attempt to prevent discrimination on such a high level.
     While most countries no longer discriminate by race many still do and continue to do so, but hopefully with time and peace these countries will begin to accept people that are different from them and allow them to be as equals alongside them. All around the world there are several places that discriminate by age.
     Many older people believe that the new generation of kids are ruining their lives by wasting their time playing video games and not being active when they did nearly the same thing just with less advanced electronics. While older people are correct that we could be making better use of our time. In due time the world will come around and join together as equals.


By Hannah Wolfe

     What if loving the opposite sex was considered gay and being homosexual was considered straight? Would you feel the same about people being gay or would you be ok with it? In our society, gays aren’t treated the same as others that are straight. They are made fun of because they are different. In my opinion homosexuality isn’t a bad thing. So what if they are gay, so what if they are straight? It doesn’t affect anyone else but them.
     Love is love, if two people are affectionate and care for each other, so be it. How would you feel if you were in their position? Put yourself in their shoes. If you already knew you were different than others, if you already knew what your society thought about being you being homosexual, how would you feel? I doubt you would feel good about yourself.
     People today always encourage people to be themselves, but when our society finally listens and shows who they really are, they are judged. Constantly in our world gays come out of their shell and try to be ok with themselves being sexually attracted to the same sex, and then they get bullied, and later in life when they are ready to find a partner of the same sex, they have to move or go somewhere to get married because most states in the U.S. don’t allow same-sex marriages.
     Personally, although I am not gay, I don’t have a problem with homosexuality and I wouldn’t be offended in anyway if same gender marriages were allowed in all states in the U.S.

By Raylan Nelson

     Don’t you see quotes that say; “Love is Love,” did you actually put much thought into it? Most people don’t.  A majority of people, announce that they support same-sex relationships, but the moment they see an actual gay couple with each other, they ridicule, and instantly stop supporting.
     Just because two guys, or two girls are in a relationship, doesn’t mean that they are different. They are just the same sex, so why should it matter? If a girl and a guy can get married, have a wedding, hold hands, kiss, and hug, why can’t two guys, and two girls? They should be able to have the same rights as everyone else.
     Most kids are raised to think that gay people ‘worship satan,’ or that their ‘evil.’ Because same-sex marriages are against a religion. In Russia, it ILLEGAL to be gay. They have banned homosexuality. BANNED. You can’t help if you’re gay or not. It just happens, you’re either attracted to the same-sex or you’re not. And there shouldn’t be a problem.
     People actually ridicule, and bully people, for being gay. Gays don’t ridicule straight people. They support them, and don’t say anything. So why can’t straight people support gay people? People get made fun of for being gay, lesbian, and bisexual. They laugh and point, accuse them of worshiping Satan, or hurting them. In today’s society, kids bully each other until, one starts to self-harm, or even kill themselves.
     How sad is it that a kid, a teenager, would rather die, than be themselves, because of the world and society that we live in?  Gay-rights should be supported highly, because they are people too, they have parents, grandparents, family, and future-spouses. They deserve the rights, just as much as someone straight does.
     y brother is gay, Jason, and he struggled with telling people, for five years, he wouldn’t date anyone.. Our father was always curious why he didn’t, and our mom secretly just knew it. He realized he was gay when he was 12, and he just now came out, and told everyone about it when he was 17. He had friends who left his side, and didn’t support his sexual orientation, but some friends did stay, and supported him, and those are his true friends. For years, he was too afraid to come out, because he was frightened about what everyone, society, would think of him, being, gay, and he didn’t want to get bullied.
     I also have a family friend, who is lesbian, Sabrina, she knew around the age 8 that she wasn’t like all the other girls, and that she viewed girls, the same way, a girl would look at a man. She was too afraid to come out, but she finally did. Everyone knew she was lesbian, in her eighth grade year, and they started to bully her, they told her harsh things such as; “Kill yourself,” “You’re just a nothing,” “Everyone hates you,” “You’re a disappointment to human-kind,” and “Stop worshiping Satan, and go to church.” She was devastated, and all her friends left her, because they didn’t want to get bullied for being friends with her, and she started to self-harm. She tried to kill herself, until she met some true friends. True friends that didn’t judge her. Now today, she has a job, and is happy with her life, friends, and girlfriend.
     So, my point is, we should treat ‘gay’ people the same, they are just people, like you and I, and the person in the gym, working out. Stop judging each other, what is the point of it? Accept people for who they are, and stop treating them inequal.

By Sandy Meyer

     Have you ever seen a couple of the same sex and have someone tell you not to talk to them or even not to look at them because they are horrible people, or that they hate them because they’re gay or bisexual? Whats the difference between gay, bi, or straight people beside whom they’re with? Don’t let people tell you what is wrong or right. Just because people are gay, bi, or straight doesn’t mean they are different.
     A lot of businesses won’t let gay or bi sexual people work with them just because of how they are and what gender they are attracted to. Straight people can’t change who other people like or are attracted to even if it is the same sex, gay or bisexual people don’t try to make you gay or bisexual so you shouldn’t try to make them straight.
     I have family that has yelled at and patronized my sister for having a girlfriend, my family told my sister not to talk to them until she had a boyfriend, so my sister and I haven’t talked to them since. I also personally know a teacher from my sister’s high school that is in a relationship with a woman and she doesn’t like to talk a lot about it around student because she doesn’t want to get fired from her job. My sister and I also had some friends tell us that they have been bullied for dating someone of the same sex. I personally think that everybody that think that liking the same sex is a horrible thing are horrible people. Everybody is the same no matter what gender they are attracted to.


Jessica Conrad

     Ever dreaded going to the doctors? A lot of people do, but did you know that many people don’t have annual check-ups like you? Be lucky that you have doctors and medicines to take away that cold of yours.
     My dad was diagnosed with thyroid cancer this year. He had to get his whole thyroid taken out with two surgeries. He even had to do radiation and be isolated in a room for 2 to 3 days.
Just recently, my grandpa was found laying in his apartment calling for help. He was laying there for nine hours after having a stroke. He was sent to the hospital and found out he needed a new pacemaker (the pacemaker he already had was not the cause of his stroke). My dad flew out there and will be staying for a few months until he gets better.
     My mom told me about a few weeks ago that she was having kidney problems. She’s been going to the ER about every week. Her doctor prescribed her with some medicine and she’s been taking that to feel better. I’m taking care of my mom until my dad comes back.
     This isn’t supposed to be a sob story, I just want to inform whoever is reading this. If my parents and grandpa didn’t have the medicines and treatments they needed, they’d be in pain, or worse. Hopefully, my grandpa will heal and my dad will come back home sometime soon, and all will be well.


By Killian Williams

     Inequality is one of the words that describe what happens to almost every no matter if you’re black or white, male or female, poor or wealthy. Inequality eventually happens to everyone, one of the big controversial topics is gender unfairness. Gender unfairness has been happening for years and years, Only 94 years ago women were able to vote and that is only in America. I personally think women should have a say in everything, people don’t have to do nothing they can go live their dream if they want.
     The meaning of free will is to do anything you desire and if you’re told no because your a female, black, poor etc. You should stand up for your rights because everyone has rights no matter who you are, a criminal or a good citizen you still deserve to have rights. Women don’t have to stay home and be a housewife they can be what they want to be, they can get a job, education, freedom, and rights.
     The people that say no because of one of your features are usually men that think that women should have to stay at home and be a housewife. Some men all of the world think that women don’t need a education or a job. An example is Malala Yousafzai, she was shot in the head by a terrorist and survived. Then later went on to be a Woman’s Right Activist and won and shared the Nobel Peace Prize.
     Charles Dickens once quoted, “A man is lucky if he is the first love of a woman. A woman is lucky if she is the last love of a man.”  All the women that are denied should stand up, its not fair to anyone.

By Logan D.

     In 1920 the 19th Amendment was put into place, that meant that women had gained the right to vote. The assumption is that discrimination based on sex was eliminated, but this in not the case.
Some may be in denial but sexual discrimination does still very much exist. Some still say that it is a woman’s job to stay home and cook and clean. Some say that the man of the house is better physically and mentally. Women can be just as capable as men in every aspect of life if they choose to be.
     It is true that women have made great strides in proving that they are as good as men. Amelia Earhart was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic. Gertrude Ederle was the first woman to swim across the English Channel. Women are now allowed to join the military as well.
     Though some men still treat women as second rate and toss them carelessly aside. Some women don’t respect themselves and they feel that they belong in the kitchen, they don’t make an attempt at being better. Lots of times women are passed up for raises where they work. Women are often given jobs as receptionists or secretaries, Women can be the CEO if they want such as Mary Barra the CEO of General Motors.
     This goes both ways unfortunately, men are often told that they can not cook or clean and that they will die without a women. This is being sexist against BOTH genders, saying that men can not cook is a lie. Often men are the ones who are the head chef at fancy restaurants. They can also clean, I personally know men who are very tidy and clean up their house by themselves. I’ve heard from several women saying that they are mentally superior to men, I find this offensive and untrue. The smartest person in the word is Stephen Hawking, a man! Women are equally smart as well, the first person to take a clear picture of DNA was a woman.
     Women and men should both treat each other equally. We should not judge each other because of our sex. God made every person equal and we should acknowledge and accept that, if everyone does that then life would be much simpler.

By Ian Hager

     The inequality I chose was gender Inequality. I chose it because there is a lot of gender inequalities around the world and the main gender that is a target for inequality is women. In Middle East countries women can’t have an education and they can’t even do simple things that women in America can do. But there is still gender inequality in America.
     For example, Satya Nadella who is the CEO of Microsoft quoted “Women shouldn’t ask for a raise,good karma will bring it to them.” But he never said that men shouldn’t ask for raises, he technically is stating that men should ask and receive raises but women shouldn’t ask for raises and that the good things they have done will bring them a raise.
     Women weren’t allowed to vote until June 4,1919 so they weren’t allowed to vote until 133 years after the U.S. became independent in 1776. A 17 year-old Pakistani girl named Malala Yousafzai was shot in the head on a school bus because she was speaking up for the female rights to go to school and get an education. She ended up living even though she was shot in the head,now she is the youngest person to ever win the Nobel Peace Prize.
     Another example of women inequality is that they are treated like men and men punch and hit women like they are a grown man. Ray Rice for example punched his fiancee in the face in an elevator and made her hit her head on a rail in the elevator and knocked her unconscious and dragged her out of the elevator. After the media released the video of Ray Rice hitting his fiancee the NFL put him on an indefinite suspension from playing for his team the Baltimore Ravens which means that his suspension is going to last for an unknown time. They also removed him from a video game called Madden 15 which was released a month ago.

By McKenzie Serratt

     The idea that girls are smarter than guys, and guys are stronger than girls that has been submerged into our minds for the longest time is insane. It’s about as bad as saying chocolate and vanilla aren’t both equally great ice cream flavors. We have been convinced that gender stereotypes are true, because that’s what we’ve been led to believe over the courses of our lives. It shows up in daily life for many people. To be a girl and think you’re going to be a firefighter one day is signing up for judgement. Even if we want to deny the fact, it’s true.
     Going to get a car, a job, or anything for a woman can be so much harder than it is for a man. We might get paid less, or given less options in the workplace. Female drivers are said to have fewer accidents, but they have to pay 15% more in insurance costs than men. We also may get babied, or treated as if we need help with everything, instead of being treated as a working individual. It may be a personality stereotype, but being needy will stay stereotypical if men keep trying to help girls with everything they try. We are individuals ourselves, and it’s unfair to be helped with anything and everything, even when it is something we know how to do.
     Men and women both have weaknesses and strengths, but we all need to recognize that. When hiring somebody, look into their strengths, and put them somewhere that they can be fairly paid and do a good job. If it isn’t tried, then it isn’t fair. We are all different, sure, but men and women need to be treated as an equal whole, where everybody can do anything, without being judged, or unfairly treated. If everybody considered the idea of fairness among genders, our world would be an even more amazing place.


By Madison Chilson

     There’s always that one clique that if you’re not in it, then you’re not labeled as a “cool” kid. I used to be a part of that clique, until I told someone that I think a boy is cute. Once the word got out, I was excluded from everything that everyone had been doing.
     I was bullied on social media, stared at while walking around, and talked about to everyone. At that point, I was devastated. I didn’t talk to my family as much as I used to or try to be around anyone except for the two friends that I had.
     Over the months, I came out of my funk, and I started becoming friends with people that were not in that clique. When the girls and boys saw that I was happy, they begin to realize I was no longer phased by their words, and they slowly begin to stop talking about me.
     After a few more months, I was getting apology texts and friendship offers all over again. I forgave them, but I didn’t forget what they said about me.
     Bullying is a serious thing, and it happens to the best of us. I’m glad that I went through what I did, because it showed me who my real friends are, and how mean people really can be. I’ve learned to accept the fact that the people you thought were your true friends, are the people who will stab you in the back as quick as they can when there’s a chance.


Pauline Harner

     Depression is a serious mental disability. It can affect many people because of our actions. Bullying can affect you and possibly trigger certain things regarding depression. Depression is basically a bunch of chemicals in your brain acting out and making you feel things that not everyone feels. It can affect the way you do things, or even what you say with some cases. Depression isnt something you can just ¨get over¨, it’s a real disability.
     Depression is, in my case, something where at the most random moments I get extremely emotional, I tend to cry myself to sleep most nights, and I debate with myself on whether or not I should just end all the pain. Now, not everyone has the same experience. I haven’t committed suicide and I don’t plan to anytime soon. I have also suffered the urges to cut myself, and towards the middle of my seventh-grade year, I did.
     I still have scars, but whenever someone asks me, ¨Hey, what are those scars from?¨ a lot of the time I’ĺl respond with ¨Those are my battle scars.¨ and I do actually consider them all my battle scars. I was at war with the world and mainly myself.
     Depression is something where people have thought and feelings of sadness, and often suicide. There isn’t really any age group for it, it can be in adults, but it’s usually in teens. Some teens have actually chose suicide instead of trying to get counseling. I on the other hand try to find other things to keep my mind off of things like self-harm and suicide. I listen to music or try to write. It helps.
     I get bullied basically every day for having depression. It is not right to judge someone if they have depression or not. If you have never experienced depression, you don’t really have a say in how people with depression act or what they go through. It’s not right because you don’t know what we go through everyday. All the pain and suffering.

By Shealyn W.

     People with disabilities get made fun of and bullied. When I was in third grade there was a little girl that just wanted to play with the other kids, but because she had autism, kids didn’t treat her the same. She was on the plane that crashed into the mountain with her father and brother.
     Unfortunately, at such a young age, she died because of the of the plane crashing into the mountain. My mom and I took flowers to her mom and said that we were sorry that this happened. Even though she is not here with us today her presence still flies over me head. I would do anything to hear her soft voice.
     The worst part of this all was when the plane crash happened and it appeared on the news for days. The haunting image of her and her family preparing to be crushed to their deaths haunts me and will haunt me forever as long as I shall live.
     Every time I walk by a person with disabilities I hear the sound of bullies bullying them. Once a bully bullying my friend with disabilities until she cried and ran away. I walked up to the bully and said “Why do you have to bully someone with a disability?” Then ran away in the opposite direction. I later met the same bully again this year when he bullied a little girl with autism. I went up to him and said “If you don’t stop bullying people with disabilities then I will tell a teacher and make them stop you from bullying.” I never saw him bully a person with disabilities ever again.


By Sami Groneberg

     When I think of status I think about how people are seen in the social world. Status is all about how popular you are. Popularity is who your friends are and what you wear. If you don’t wear the right clothes and hang out with the right people you are considered “uncool”, but really that is unfair. Not all people have the money to go out and buy Hollister, Aeropostale, Miss Me jeans, and other expensive things.
     The thing that bugs me the most is that not everyone is perfect. We were put in this world as individuals, not people to live up to other people expectations. We are supposed to be the person we want to be, believe in our dreams, and do what we want to do.
     Status can also lead to bullying. If someone doesn’t have the right qualities they get picked on. After a while the bullying can become so difficult for them they will start to believe what the bullies are saying and will soon lead to other things like self harming or even suicide.
     In my opinion nobody is popular. Everyone is special in their own ways. Yes, I have some expensive clothes but then I also have clothes from Walmart. I talk to so many different people. I have friends of many kinds and I don’t have them ranked from popular from non-popular. They are all special to me in their own ways. In this case this is one of the reasons inequality exists in the world around us.


By Theresa VanPelt

     At school most people don’t talk about faith, well not really that teachers and staff notice. Most people don’t, but it still happens. Last year, the group I used to sit with would get into heated arguments about religion or the absence or religion in peoples lives. One would think that the others religion was not as great as the other and by the end of the year at least 3 people stopped sitting with us at lunch because they were so annoyed and fed up with the constant arguing. If people simply didn’t care about the others religion and just were friends with them anyway, the world would be so much simpler.
     This also occurs on social media, my friend once had a bible verse on their Instagram profile and they received many hateful and rude comments and messages. On Facebook if you post about church, or your religion, if someone doesn’t like it they can report it, or be blocked. Its different if you’re posting “My religion is the best and everyone elses sucks!” then if your posting “I love my religion!” To be hateful or rude to others religion then you should expect people to do the same to you. But I also believe that if you want to post about how much you love your religion, without putting others down, then I think you should be allowed to without being reported.
     This may be only a couple small cases of arguing in America at the Jr. High level, but there is much more serious problems with religion occurring. Just like in the middle east with ISIS they feel so strongly about their religion and getting people to join that they are willing to kill for the cause. In a lot of middle eastern countries Christians and Catholics are being beaten and killed, because the main religions of the countries believe that other religions are false and that people should be killed for believing in that faith. I believe that everyone should have their freedom to choose their religion and not get hated on for being that region.

  1. tasteach says:

    G’day Journalists,
    What a fantastic post for Blog Action Day 2014 #BAD2014
    I love the wide range of topics you have chosen and how you have related them to what is or has gone on in your own personal lives.

  2. merrybeau says:

    Well done on your blog post on equality. It is an important topic and all of you have written passionately about it. There is a great variety here, covering many aspects of inequality and you have written from the heart. I can see there is a high standard of written expression in this group. Your posts are mature and articulate. With every good wish

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