Smart Snacks changes how school runs fundraisers

Posted: October 15, 2014 in Fundraisers, Library, Organizations, Student Council

By Michele D.
Cougar News Blog

Cactus Canyon is changing the way it raises money due to the new Smart Snacks law. This new law is intended to help students be healthier, but it will mean some changes for CCJH clubs. It took effect in July 2014 and is affecting schools all over America. Smart Snacks has been helping students make healthier choices for their school food, but it is changing things for the library, Student Council, and other organizations that raise money for Cactus Canyon.
This new law has been a big difference because those groups sold some snacks that weren’t meeting the standards of Smart Snacks, but the money from those snacks was used to help them stay on their feet financially.
“For Student Council, we are losing a lot of money,” said StuCo adviser Jason Davis. “We were always able to sell the snacks we had left over from dances after school and we made several hundred dollars that way over the course of the year.”
Under the law, snacks sold at school have to be 200 calories or less, while a la carte lunch item must be 350 calories or less and contain 35 percent sugar or less. There are also rules for saturated fat and sodium.
The drinks are limited to plain water, lowfat or nonfat milk or natural milk alternatives, and some fruit and vegetable juices.
The Smart Snacks rule doesn’t apply to foods or beverages from home, birthday parties, off-campus fundraisers, athletic events, school plays, or items sold after school hours (30 minutes after school).
Some students may be affected depending on if what they purchase at school. The new law is designed to help students with making smarter choices while being more active and energetic. However, not all students like it.
“Personally, I dislike the new rule. It may be healthier, but not all that tasty,” said Kylie Cann.
Student Council and Jennifer Cameron, the CCJH librarian, are searching for new ways to raise funds.
“I’m in Student Council, and it makes it a lot harder to raise money without junk food,” said eighth grader Erik Lundquest.
“In the past some snacks were sold as a fundraiser to purchase books for the library,” said Mrs. Cameron. “So far the additional snack that I have are Cranberry Almond Thins.”

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