Edublogs Week 4 – Digital Footprints

Posted: October 19, 2014 in Edublogs Challenge


Looking myself up

Abriann RiosPineda

     When I looked myself up on google, the first thing that comes up is my Facebook account. My Instagram and Pinterest also came up. My Instagram profile came up and just showed my posts and followers that I have and the people I am following. Same with my Pinterest profile. In the images there was pictures of people I follow on Facebook and pictures I liked on Facebook and one of my profile pictures from a while back from my Facebook account. An image of my family’s house in Los Angeles, California came up too. Also the stories I have written for the Cougar News Blog for my school came up and my Blog Action Day story on racism came up also.
     There was not really anything surprising that came up since I don’t get in trouble with the law or anything, or put up strange pictures on my social media profiles that everyone could spread around on the internet for everyone to see.
     The results of me looking myself up are positive too, so that is good. I didn’t see anything bad or disturbing to me or other that came up while I was looking myself up on Google. I thought maybe something would come up though because if your stuff is shared all over the internet I would think that someone would mess with your things online. Like photoshopping your pictures you have posted before, or hacking your social profiles online and changing the information on them.


Advice to kids

Alyssa Flores

Many kids don’t realize how important being safe on the internet because they are told from adults. They think they tell them that to stay off the internet. That is not the point here many kids do not realize that many people on the other side of the computer are not who they say they are. Many kids think that just because its on the screen it ok. Its not always ok there can be a 12 year old teenager and is actually a 40 year old man. I don’t mean to scare you but tell you not everything is not what it seems to be. Never give them your number,age,where you live, name because in a click of a button your life won’t be safe. They can search you, stock you and scare you. Never invite someone you don’t know to your house or never meet with them somewhere. You don’t know their background information they can say they are a girl who wants to play it can be a man. I have never had an experience with a situation like this. Be smart on the internet. When you post something about school being dumb, You ditching school won’t look good when you try to get a job and get into school. I think kids will know about internet safety now that an adult is not telling them but a kid because we are closer in age than their teachers or parents. Be smart, safe and protective about your information don’t give it out.


Advice to kids

Elisabeth H.

     All around the world there are children dying because they meet someone in real life that they met online. Half the time when someone meets someone online they say their someone that they’re not, like they say they’re 14 and a girl but really they’re probably a 32-year-old man thats been in jail 3 times for sexual assault.
     Never talk to a stranger online and never ever give away your personal information to someone unless you know who they really are. Even if you just say hi to a stranger it could result in something really bad, because that person you just said hi to could be a hacker and they could hack your profile and find out every little detail about you and your life.
     If you’re scrolling through your newsfeed on facebook, twitter or instagram and you see someone you don’t like post something ridiculous, don’t comment something mean that will hurt their feelings, don’t comment anything at all actually because it will just lead to a big fight on that post. Then if someone else reads the comments, they might start getting into it and that will start a bigger fight and even worse, suicide.
     Everyday someone dies from suicide because someone was being mean, because they were being bullied, either at school or being cyber bullied on the internet. Watch what you say to someone because you never know how far they will go.
     If you see someone sitting or walking alone, say hi to them as you walk by or even crack a little smile at them, because you never know, you could of just saved someones life. Most people stay strong and ignore the bullies for most of the time, but eventually they just lose hope that help will never come for them to save them from the sadness and they just end their precious life. Their life was so precious, and they ended it.
     Think before you say anything to someone, because those hurtful words you just said could be the last words they will ever hear because those little words could be their breaking point.


Advice to kids

Frank T.

     The internet is a vast a diverse world that must be traversed with care, especially when giving out personal information. Depending on what you are doing on a website determines what information you want to give out. If its a free gaming website or and advertisement pop-up be very cautious on what the website tries to make you do, if it tries to get your e-mail in order for you to sign up its most likely a trap for advertisers to send you spam mail. In some situations it’s ok to give give things like an e-mail address or username as long as they don’t contain information like your name or home address. Some websites like facebook and other social media websites usually require your full name as well as your address and phone number.
     However these websites do have settings that can be used so that you can regulate who sees what. Another thing to be careful of while roaming the internet are websites that “require” a downloaded driver to use. Be extremely cautious of these websites the download is most likely infected with a virus that could damage whatever device device you install the driver in. The virus could also steal personal information such as credit card information if you made a purchase, or passwords to other personal accounts that are on the device. Another thing to be careful of is making online purchases with credit cards or money accounts like Paypal, when making online purchase make sure the website is secure and that your parents trust that website.


Looking myself up

Ian Hager

     When I searched up my name I found a bunch of pictures of me which is kinda creepy. But now that I think about it I realized that Facebook and Google are connected in a way. So if I post a picture of myself on Facebook it will go to Google in the images section. I also found a bunch of business people that have the same name as me. I was surprised that I didn’t see any criminals with the same name as me and all the people with my name were all good people that own businesses so maybe thats a sign of greatness. When I looked up my dads name a bunch of information popped up like his address,phone number,and a lot of other things. All the stuff I saw was pretty positive about me and my name,no negative feedback. When I look up my name my Facebook and Instagram link pops up on the top of the first page. On WhitePages there are people that live in like Florida that have the same name and it pops up their address and age and a lot of other secret information that shouldn’t be released on the internet like phone numbers. But all the research i’ve done about the people with my name is all pretty positive. I also found out the meaning of my first and last name. My first name is Ian and it means Gift From God and my last name is Hager and that means thin man in German and woodcutter in English.


Advice to kids

Logan Duncan

     Adults often talk to teens and young children about online safety, but this often comes off as preaching. Younger children might not understand and think nothing of it, teens on the other hand will more than likely blow it off or not care.
     Online threats are real, there are people who would want to harm or cheat a vulnerable teen. They range from stalkers to rapists, they may try to hack the computer and get confidential information. Children won’t take an adults advice on internet safety because they think that they don’t know what they’re talking about. Teens will think since his or her parents didn’t grow up with the internet and they did they think that they know best, they assume that they can tell if they’re getting spammed.
     If I was telling a class of younger people about online safety I would explain the real dangers. I would explain what happens to people who weren’t safe on the internet. Adults just say “Don’t agree to meet anyone you don’t know or give out information etc.” I would say these things but I would also explain what could happen if they do do these things. Tell them that they could be abducted or raped. That their parents credit cards or identities could be stolen. I would also bring in victims of crimes that were caused because they were reckless on the internet. Have a teen who was reckless on the internet who got his mom or dads identity stolen come and explain the consequences. If possible I would have someone who got raped from internet recklesness come and show them that the threat is very real.


Looking myself up

McKenzie Serratt

     When I lived in Washington full time, I was in a lot of theater performances, and wasn’t surprised when I saw photos of me dressed up. The costumes included a donkey, a clown, and some others from more realistic plays I was in. There was also pictures I was involved in, like when my tree house blew down and it was posted to the island website, or when I found the silver egg at a easter egg hunt. I saw profile pictures from my Vine and Twitter, also.
     I also saw lots of pictures from the blog my dad used to update frequently. There were photos of me in Queen Creek on one of our horses, and photos of my house in Washington, too. I also saw photos of my dad, and whales here and there. But when I typed in my full name, McKenzie Louzell Serratt, a picture of my granddad appeared, and other random photos I know nothing about. When I changed McKenzie to Kenzie in my full name, I had few photos, mostly my dad’s pictures.
     I don’t know that my footprint was positive or negative, as there’s really nothing important on it. The events shown were all fun, but not necessarily affecting anything. If I had to say something though, I’d probably say that it was positive, because if I were ever to have a college or something look up my name, they would see that I have no negative things put to my name on the internet.


Advice to kids

Michele Darnell

     When you’re online be careful of what you are doing on the internet because one wrong move and it could ruin you or your computer. One thing to remember is you shouldn’t believe everything you see on the computer. Sometimes you see somthing saying you won a million dollars or something you shouldn’t click on it because its most likely a scam and they could ask for information or when you click on it it freezes your computer and someone takes all your information. My advice is that you should be careful of your data. You should be careful what you click on because there is also a chance of a video being fake like a goodbye video by a famous person that actually didn’t happen.
     There is also the scare of what you put on your Facebook or your Instagram. When you are on a social site you should refrain from giving information that isn’t important or information that can get you hurt or robbed. This is avoidable like wait until after a trip to wherever with your family because if you put it on there when your gone there is a chance people might try to rob you. If you are taking pictures and say me or me and someone at this persons house and have an address in the background then people now know where that person lives or you. Try your best not to put vital information about you or others because something bad could happen. Be careful on the internet it could be a scary or harmful place.


Advice to kids

Raylan Nelson

     Some adults these days just don’t know how the internet is these days, because they just use it for maybe, Facebook, to see an old family member, or to look something up, that they can’t figure out on their own. But they aren’t really on social media websites are they? So when they see all this controversy on Snapchat, Instagram, or whatever other sites that your are on. They don’t understand that, with certain people, that if you don’t have these websites, you aren’t cool. And in the 21 century, we all would die to be like the cool kids.
     I went through that stage with my mom, she told me to delete my snapchat, instagram, facebook, everything, but I wouldn’t delete them, so I just blocked her on any social media website that I had her on, and then I started to do stupid things on the internet, like cussing, and posting about my life, like personal reasons. She found out, but I still wouldn’t delete them. To be honest, I still haven’t and won’t delete them, because I enjoy them a lot, but I let my mom check the gradually, because I won’t have anything to hide. And before I follow or add people, I make sure that I know them, because I don’t want stranger to learn things about me, and eventually start stalking me.
     I had a friend, that posted inappropriate pictures, and cussed a lot on her social media sites, and she had a stalker, that happened to be a 52 year old man, that found out where she lives, what school she went to, and what she looked like, because she blocked her parents, and did whatever that she chose to do, the 52 year-old man, started to sell her information, her pictures, and instead of one stalker, she has multiple stalkers, but they were all arrested, because if they won’t arrested she would have to go to a witness protection program, but everyone as caught, and she wasn’t hurt, to this day she still has all of her social media sites, but now she doesn’t add strangers, and she lets her parents check her social media, and she didn’t block them, and she doesn’t cuss on them, and posts appropriate pictures, and statuses.


Looking myself up

Sam Groneberg

     I think searching myself in google for my digital footprint a lot of things came up that I would never expect. When I search my name in google a lot of different things pop up, some of the things I didn’t expect. What I could see in the images were things I have pinned from my pinterest account or some pictures I have posted on my instagram and facebook. I think one of the weirdest things to pop up in the images were pictures of people I am following on instagram or other peoples pictures that were posted on The Cougar News Blog. When I go into the web part that shows different websites it shows my Pinterest and when you click on it takes you to my account so you can follow me. It also shows links for my Pinterest boards. Some of the other thinks show different pages I have liked on Facebook. There is my Instagram, Youtube, and the Smores account I signed up for a school project. I don’t think my digital footprint shows anything negative about me. It shows my interests what it like, but it does freak me out that someone can google my name and come up with quite a few different things. Some could see the photos from the Cougar News Blog in the images and look for another one of my stories or photos and figure out what school I go to and things could escalate from there. That is why I think people should watch what they do on the internet and know people can just google them and find out things they could never imagine.


Advice to kids

Sandy Meyer

     Do you ever get tired of teachers and parents telling you to watch what you put online? Well im here to tell you that your parents are right about everything they have told you.You should never talk to strangers online but if you do don’t give out any personal information, some people could even track where you are even if you don’t tell them so watch who your talking to. If you put your address on some website you don’t know about or give it out to some stranger you’re massaging they could come to you and kidnap you or rob your house.
     If you also use facebook messenger and don’t check your settings people could also see where you are at when your messaging them. I know about the facebook messenger because I have had this happen to me before I was messaging a person I didn’t know and he told me he knew exactly where I was when I was talking to the person. So I immediately changed my settings and told that person to never message me again or I would call the police. What happened to me is why you should never message strangers online.
     I also have a friend that was talking to a guy on her grandmother computer and she didn’t know but the guy got her grandmothers address and went to her house asking for my friend my friend’s grandmother told the guy she didn’t know who she was so the guy didn’t want the guy to go back to her house. My friend got grounded for a long time for messaging strangers online and didn’t get to use her computer for a long time, so if you dont want to get grounded or get you computer taken away don’t message strangers online.


Advice to kids

Shea Wolfe

     Internet safety is one of the most common things taught in schools. There are several reasons that children should not be giving out personal information while they are online. Facebook for example is a place where someone can steal your personal identity. Having a profile picture is something they can take and also looking at your personal information they can take. Another example is Instagram, if you put a little bio about yourself they can steal that and make it their own. There are millions of online predators who make friends with young children, like you, every day.
     Stealing your bank account is another things that hackers can do. They can steal your money and steal your credit card number and make another credit card with that number. Don’t ever tell someone else your passwords to anything, only you should know it. Hackers can even get into your personal email if they wanted to. That’s why they’re hackers. If children give out personal information, especially things such as their Social Security number and their full name, their identity could be stolen. This is very dangerous and hard to clear up after it is done.
     For who shop online or do online banking etc, need to be aware of secure and unsecured sites. Some sites are unsecured and are not safe for you to be entering in account numbers or credit cards. These numbers can easily be stolen and used by thieves if they are not encrypted or other methods are not used by the website to keep the information safe.


Looking myself up

Theresa VanPelt

     I entered my name into the popular search engine google, there was not much that was actually me. Mainly what popped up was a psychologist (apparently a good one), from Florida, with the name Teresa VanPelt. After I found this out, I googled my full name (Theresa Eileen VanPelt) and the only thing that came up was information on the show, The Mentalist.
     When I looked at the images there was very few things that was actually related to me, my profile picture from pinterest, this just happens to be an extremely old picture of me. The main thing that popped up was a couple Prezis that I had made last year for school projects. Other than that it was all not related to me in any way.
     On the other hand there are some pictures of Lucy VanPelt from the peanuts comics strips that have existed for years. There are also various other characters from this comic strip. I assume that these are on here because they have the same last name as me but other than that they have no relation to me in any way.
     This was really not a positive or negative cyber footprint. But if I had to pick one it would be positive because it shows what I did for school and most are about things like trustworthiness and showing good character, and all of those prezis I earned A’s on. Other than that there is nothing on or about me that could even remotely create a negative cyber footprint.


Looking up myself

Zoey Lopez

     What do you think would be on google when you researched your name? Would you think it would be pictures of yourself or activities that you do or friends and family? Sometimes when you research your name things pop up that are nothing related to you.
     When I searched my name lots of different hispanic culture show up. I know that that is somehow related to me because most of my family is hispanic i have lots of family. Another thing that shows up is all of my social media accounts and you wonder how does this computer no all of my things all of the things i go on. It also shows my father and his mugshot so if one of my classmates or colleges search my name and they see my dad and his record they might think well look at the generation she comes from do you think she’ll end up like him should we accept her its frightening knowing that it will be up there forever.
     When you go on something on the internet and you think you deleted it you never actually deleted you just didnt see it anymore this world knows everything you’re doing. So if you’ve ever bullied someone on the internet knows exactly what you said to them.
     Now think about every website you’ve been on. I had no idea that they knew my pinterest account. I never knew they had pictures of my family but then you think where does everything go when you’re done with it. So next time you go on something or do something just remember someone is tracking your every move.

  1. tasteach says:

    Well done Journalists.

    Some very good points made about staying safe on the internet and how to develop a positive digital footprint that will serve you well in future life.

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