CCJH ready for new volleyball season with the title in sight

Posted: October 27, 2014 in Uncategorized

By Riley Duncan
Cougar News Blog

     The Cactus Canyon volleyball team is serving up a new season with high hopes at the DMSAL championship.
     Regan Roach and James Gibson are returning to coach the team in hopes of finally winning a championship. The team hasn’t’ had much luck in prior years, but this year’s team has a lot of promising athletes and the coaches are in high spirits.
     The athletes are in the conditioning stage of their training and are mainly running and working on fundamentals like passing and serving. The seventh graders are also getting a feel for the team and the importance of transitioning from offense to defense is also being stressed.
     “We focus practices around conditioning and developing the fundamentals of volleyball,” said Coach Gibson. “Passing and transitioning from offense to defense is crucial to the success of a volleyball team.”
     Returning athletes are excited to learn new rotations and skills. Coaches say that all the athletes are dedicated and will work hard. The goal is to show the athletes to work as a team for a common goal; coaches also want to teach self-confidence, personal goals, and overcoming obstacles. The coaches are stressing the importance of communication and trust and want to show that hard work is rewarded, so at the end of practices they will occasionally play games.
     “Sometimes at the end of practice we will play fun games such as queen of the court,” said eighth grader Morgan Farsolas.
     Both coaches and students are very enthusiastic and are sure that they will compete for the title. They are determined not to lose to Maricopa Wells in the tournament again. Maricopa Wells is expected to be the team’s biggest rival again this year, but both coaches are confident in their athletes.
     “We have a good group of athletes and with some hard work and dedication anything is possible,” said Coach Gibson.


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