J2 students creating ad campaigns

Posted: October 28, 2014 in Uncategorized

By Abriann RiosPineda
Cougar News Blog

     Jason Davis’ Journalism 2 students are doing a new project starting the first quarter of the school year. These students will be working on an ad campaign. This project is individual with some help of others.
     Mr. Davis wants the students in his class to learn that there’s other things to journalism than just writing for a newspaper. Mr. Davis says he gets a lot of talented kids in his classes, and especially in J2. There are some really good writers who don’t necessarily want to be writers for their career. He would like his students to see that they can use their journalistic skills for something not involving a newspaper.
     “I know the job of newspaper reporter doesn’t sound interesting to most junior-high students, but there are a lot of fun college majors and jobs that utilize what students are learning in their journalism classes,” said Mr. Davis.
     The Journalism 2 students will first complete a website with a press release to go with it, for their business such as a restaurant, shop, bakery, etc. Then they will be creating a Fakebook page. After they finish those activity parts of the project, they will make a magazine ad.
      “I learned the importance of advertisement when it comes to selling product. I chose to be the CEO of a company that designs and manufactures reinforced cardboard which I named Guardboard. I chose this business because it seemed original and was different,” said Harrison Talbott.
     “I have learned that it’s not so easy just to open a business and have a web site. But once everything starts coming together it’s nice to see all the hard work you put into it. I chose to have a cafe because I wanted to not just have a certain product but have a whole business that I put together myself,” said Samantha Groneberg, a J2 student.
     There is also three other activities that will continue on into the second quarter. The ad campaign will be completed some time in the second quarter, but the activities are going to be more spread out. This is because the second quarter will focus a lot on writing for the Cougar New Blog
     “We have five activities during the first quarter and will do three more in the second. The second quarter will focus heavily on writing for the Cougar News Blog, so the activities will be a little more spread out as opposed to doing them once per quarter this week,” said Mr. Davis.
     This is a new project Mr. Davis came up with and its’ the first time he’s given it out to his students. He hasn’t done it with any other students because he has some students who take J2 twice.
     In the second quarter Journalism 2 kids will also be working a lot on Edublogs. The students will be doing almost one Edublogs Challenge every week.


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