Book Club plans to continue literacy fair, add lock-in

Posted: October 29, 2014 in Book Club, Organizations

Harrison T.
Cougar News Blog

     Cactus Canyon teachers Lisa Smith and Sheryl Anderson plan to give students a new look books at the CCJH book club. Book club has been going on for 12 years here at CCJH, but this years is expected to have several changes compared to previous book clubs.
     “We have two new items on the list. One is a lock-in with students, and the other is an end-of the-year field trip decided by the book club members,” said 12 year book club organizer Lisa. Smith.
     Book club will also continue to sponsor the literacy fair as well as I Love To Read Week at CCJH.
     Most of the people in book club share a love of great literature, but Mrs. Smith and Ms. Anderson hope to encourage more student to read through this club. They hope to have 15 to 20 members participating in book club.
     “I am very excited for book club and can’t wait to start reading new books,” said eighth grader Nathaniel Candelas.
     Ms. Anderson and Mrs. Smith also hope that students will understand the connection of books to our everyday lives. They are also looking students to bond with others that share the same interests in books.
     “I plan to take gain an expansion of my mind,” said Candelas.
     Students will have to devote one hour after school in order to participate in book club. Book club will be using room 320 in the 300 building to hold book club meetings. In the time before the start of book club members have been trying to recruit new members for book club.The first meeting was Oct. 14.
     “We meet every other Tuesday from 2:20 to 3:15 in room 320,” said book club organizer Ms. Anderson.


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