Catalina Island trip uses hands-on activities to teach about ecology

Posted: November 7, 2014 in Academics, Science, Trips

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By Maddie Chilson
Cougar News Blog

     Cactus Canyon seventh graders sailed off to Catalina Island on October 3.
     The annual Catalina Island trip gives students the advantage to expand their knowledge on marine life.
     “I learned about the oceanography of not only the Catalina area, but of the whole ocean,” said seventh grader Robynn Vandekrol.
     This was an educational trip for the seventh grade students. They got to learn about marine life and did hands-on activities such as a fish lab, shark lab, an algae lab, and more. The teachers were aiming for the students to learn about how the ecology of a region can affect the plants and wildlife of that area.
     Students were able to interact with sea life during the labs that took place. During the fish lab, students were exposed to the fish that are found commonly in the Catalina area. The seventh graders were introduced to the classifications, anatomy, behavior, and other adaptive features of many fish. The shark lab is when students were able to touch live sharks and rays in a large tank.
     “This is an exciting time for all students and helps mitigate the myth that sharks are dangerous,” said seventh grade science teacher Marie Wilbur-Bowers.
     The students learned about things that they hadn’t already known. They learned about different types of fish and how that fish functions. When the students participated in the algae lab, they were able to learn about the different characteristics of algae, the many uses of algae, and principal adaptive differences between algae and terrestrial plants.
     “I learned a lot about sea life that I didn’t know before,” says Vandekrol. “Such as what certain kelp’s parts are and how they function.”
     Overall, the students who went said they had a good time and learned new things.
     “My favorite part of this trip was playing gaga ball,” says Vandekrol. “I enjoyed this the most because it was a very fun and challenging game that I’ve never played or heard of before.”

  1. samuel says:

    Does everyone have a opportunity to go to that island every year?

    • Maddie Chilson says:

      The Catalina Island trip is for seventh graders only, but anyone in seventh grade has the opportunity to go. 🙂

  2. Dade Owens says:

    Hi I like your field trip pics i hear that the class the class that you have in pics had Emily in that class i want to know what you doing next with a class thank you :]

  3. hailee says:

    Hi i am Hailee from Mr.Lockwoods 5th grade class when i get into junior high i am going to want to go on that trip because it seems fun to go and learn about all the science you can see their and the adventures you can take and it would be fun because you would have to get their on a plane i think and you would be with all your friend and i think that would be really fun

  4. seth says:

    Hello cougars i think your guys pictures are really cool. you guys back round of your pictures are awesome. I wish i wen’t there it looks really cool. i can’t wait for seventh grade because i wan’t to go to Catalina island.

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