Edublogs Week 7 – School and the Future

Posted: November 17, 2014 in Edublogs Challenge


By Abrian Rios Pineda

My dream of what I will be doing once I leave school and am done with school, is moving to Los Angeles, California where my family has a really big home. The place is payed for and we own the home, so I won’t have to pay anything on the house while I’m staying there. I’m not really sure if I want to live there or just stay there until I can get my own place to live. We usually only go to our Los Angeles home for really big holidays. Our family is really big too so the house has 3 big bedrooms, and 3 master bedrooms. I’m pretty sure I don’t want to live in that big of a house the rest of my life, I would like to get a more decent sized house nearby our L.A. home.
When I get there I want to start college at University College of Los Angeles. But I am still thinking of what I want to be when I grow up and what I want to study in college. I’m really hoping to be on UCLA’s softball team though. But if other colleges scout me during high school, and UCLA wasn’t on the list, I would check the other colleges out and see what team has the best benefits for me and then move there to that area.
Whatever I decide to be when I get older, I am hoping it’s a fun life career, and that I’m in magazines, and I’m known around the world. I just want to live having fun and being free.


By Alyssa Flores

On my break time I did a food drive. I decided to make a food drive because i felt that i need to make a change of my break routine instead of sitting around on the couch watching tv and eating potato chips when there are families struggling to put food on the table. I know how it feels to eat can vegetables for a snack every single day.
Doing this food drive has been very personal because my mom has five kids when I was little my mom would have to get food boxes from food banks because she only had enough money to pay the apartment rent. We would have a plan bread and ham sandwich for dinner. This food drive will change the way I think about being ungrateful for the food my mom serves. Doing this food drive makes me think that I can do much more knowing that I can make a difference for a family.
I raised $50 dollars of food and its going to Apache Junction Food Bank. For winter break I want to do do bake sales and babysitting to raise money to make homeless care bags to give out to the homeless. In the homeless care bags I want to put blankets, food, and ten dollars. I hope I can make enough homeless care bags.

By Elisabeth Hogendorn

If I could improve my school I would make it so that everyone can bring a drink other than water. The only drink you can’t bring is alcohol or any sort of energy drink (monsters, 5 hour energy drink, etc.), but other than that you can bring any drink you want, because why can the teachers bring any drink they want but students can’t, like if you’re gonna make a rule, you have to follow it. If you’re not going to follow the rule that you made, then what’s the point of having it?
Anyways, I would also let people eat on the other side of the gate, because what are those tables for? I know that there meant for sitting and stuff, but everyone eats over there anyways, not everyone listens to that rule and no one and I mean no one listens to the rule “don’t walk through the rocks”because everyone walks through them.
For the dress code I wouldn’t let people wear whatever they want, but I wouldn’t be so strict on it. Like I would let people wear tank tops but if the sleeves are cut to where you can see there boob, they will get dress coded. The only things someone can’t wear is what I just mentioned, super short shorts to where you can see someone’s underwear or butt and inappropriate clothing (inappropriate words or signs on shirts or pants/shorts).
I would also put more fun classes in the school, like I would put a dance class for one of the study skills options because a lot of people like to dance and I think having a dance class would be a fun opportunity and a lot of people would probably sign up for it.

By Erik Lundquest

After high school I plan on being a doctor. Not just any doctor but an anesthesiologist. I love to help people in any ways I can. But before being a doctor, I need to do the hard part first. More school, after high school there is a total of 8 years of college/university. You know what I can do in 8 years besides school, I could be in a spacecraft flying to the moon, I could make sandwiches at Subway, I could be a turkey for Halloween. There is a whole list of things I could do besides school, but i’d rather go to school then make a living of making sandwiches. I really want to live on the ocean side with a big happy family. But in all reality we would all be screaming at each other and pulling eachothers hair out. If that doesn’t work out I could always move to Nigeria and adopt an alpaca.
My second plan would be to become one with nature and become a tree, just kidding I would most likely become a journalist or a tv person. I really love to write and tell what’s going on. After being in Journalism for about a year and a half, I find it one of the best classes ever in existence. When I first joined Journalism I hated to write, but it grew on me and its now my favorite subject. Now until my final days of school, I would really love to be in media classes.

By Harrison Talbott

When I leave school I would like to be a weapon designer and own my own weapon franchise . The reason for that is that I believe that I have a very creative mind and I also have a love weapons of any size shape or caliber. My love for weapons began when I was around 11 years-old and was just starting to watch Rambo and Terminator movies and play video games like Assassins Creed. The weapons and such used in those movies and games made me think about ways to improve on and create weapons. However there are a few drawbacks to weapon designing and engineering, like the need for math to determine bullet velocity as well as the mechanics at work inside a firearm, those factors all rely on math in order to determine them. Math is a weakness I have when it comes to the path of becoming a weapon designer, however I am trying to overcome that weakness through studying and determination at the subject.
I plan to go to ASU in order to get a degree in engineering so I can continue on my way to becoming a weapon designer. Hopefully if my I will be able to fulfill my plans of becoming a weapon designer, because my plans after that are to retire to a peaceful cabin in the woods of Montana and lead a simple yet exciting life as a mountain man. All that being said that is the life I hope to have after I leave school.

By Hannah Wolfe

Some people dream of graduating and finally getting out of school, they don’t dream of going to college and taking their education further. They just want to do what they want all day, sleep in, stay up late with friends and don’t go to bed until four o’clock in the morning. I want the same, but I think I can wait until I graduate from college and get my degree to do so.
I hope to go to ASU. I think that’s were pretty much every kid in Arizona that plans to attend college wants to go. But, I want to go there for a couple of other reasons. One, the college has a pretty good medical program. I have always wanted to go into the medical field. Two, they have a great softball academy, and I am hoping to play on the Sun Devils softball team. And three, all of my family lives in AZ, so I will be close to my family.
I hope to get a scholarship, for athletics or academics. I try really hard to do my best in both so that will happen someday. If not, I will still try to pay for college because I want to be well educated and have a good job by the time I have children. After college, I will hopefully be working as a pediatrician for children and teens in Arizona. Although my plans may change as I get older, that’s what I dream of doing right now.

By Ian Hagar

When I graduate from HighSchool I want to play football for ASU(Arizona State University). The position I play is Running Back. If I don’t get to play in College than I will just become an Orthopedic Surgeon which is another high paying job. The average NFL Running Back makes about $1.9 million dollars and an Orthopedic Surgeon makes $519,000 a year. If I played for the NFL I would want to play for the New England Patriots which is my favorite football team. The only downside about playing in the NFL is season or career ending injuries. Because unlike BaseBall you don’t get all the money out of your contract you only get guaranteed a certain amount of money out of your contract. For example, Tom Brady signed a 5-year $70,600,000 contract but is guaranteed $33,00,000 but he also gets bonus’.
The highest paid Running Back in the NFL right now is Adrian Peterson who is guaranteed $11,750,000 out of his contract. The reason why I want to play for the NFL is because I love football. My family is filled with football fans and if I played in the NFL they would be pretty excited because they love football like me. But if I’m not drafted in the NFL I will be taking medical school during my college years so I have a high paying reliable job for when I’m older.
An Orthopedic Surgeon does surgeries to fix bones and put metal plates or screws in you to fix your bones. To be a Surgeon you have to have good hand-eye coordination. And, to be a NFL player you need speed,agility,and you have to be strong enough to get back up from getting crushed by a LineBacker.

By Riley Duncan

My dream once I leave school would too be in the field of graphic design. Weather it is making movies or video games, though I prefer to make video games i’ll take whatever I can get. I love to play video games and one day my dream is to create them. So my college major will be graphic design, though I do not know where I am going to go to college yet possibly Rhode Island School of Design or Yale. I see myself creating the next Halo or Call of Duty, or the next greatest movie of all time.
My goals are too work for Bungie, Bioware, Microsoft, or Electronic Arts EA for short. Those are the biggest gaming companies out there except for Sony, Bungie makes Halo and Destiny, Bioware makes Dragon age and Mass Effect, Microsoft doesn’t make games but they make the xbox plus just about every company uses Microsoft Studios as their graphic designer, EA makes a lot of games such as Madden and MLB and NBA.      I would really want too work for Microsoft Studios, after design school they will be the first company that I will apply too. My second choice would be Bioware and if I do not get a job with either of them then I will apply too all the rest at once. If I could work at Microsoft it would be a dream come true, I have always been a huge fan of Microsoft so I definitely see myself working for them in the future. I am also a huge fan of Bioware, they created two of my favorite gaming franchises each with mediocre graphics, I definitely see myself making those graphics extraordinary.

By Madison Chilson

Everybody has their own aspirations in life, and mine happens to be a Harvard University Law School graduate. As a first grader I decided I wanted to be a lawyer. Although, I never thought much of it until I had grown older.
When I began the sixth grade, I really started paying attention to my grades because it had hit me that that’s what I really wanted to be in life.
My mom has talked to me about setting up dates with her attorneys so I can look further into it and see what I want to be an attorney for. Either it being criminal defense, family and divorce, corporate law, etc.
I’m going to try my hardest to receive a scholarship to go to Harvard, but if I don’t get that opportunity, I have a money jar that I’ve been filling up for a year that is specifically for Harvard.
Many people think Harvard is a hard school to get into, which it is, but my parents have high hope for me and are very encouraging. They push me harder than they have before to make sure I stay on top of my grades and succeed in everything I try to do.
I’ve managed to keep an A average since the sixth grade and made it into the National Junior Honors Society this year. My mom always says that colleges look for specific things on student resumes, and the types of clubs you are in, NJHS is a big one.

I don’t ever have a really “normal” day after school. It changes from day to day, usually. When the bell rings, though, it’s always the same. I get out of my seventh hour, and walk to the bus with friends. The bus ride consists of me talking to maybe one or two people, and listening to music. I have a short bus ride, so I get home around 3:00.
I go home, and kick off my shoes, and usually put on a pair of gym shorts and pull my hair up. I spend a little bit of time taking a break and having something to drink. Then, I break out my homework, and work on that for a while. After that, my dad and I will go and ride with our horses. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we go to the arena, and ride with our friends.
When we get home from any ride we have, we make dinner and watch Netflix for a while,. Then, I usually work on bigger projects for school. After an hour or two, we’ll get ready for bed. I usually stay in bed for a while, and watch Youtube videos or go on Facebook. Sometimes I’ll end up having to read for school, but if that’s not the case, I can sit and talk to friends for a long time before I actually sleep.
That schedule is probably about as average as it gets, because there are days that I ride immediately, or don’t ride at all. Of course, there’s also days when friends come over, or half days. Other than that, I’m usually pretty busy after after school.

By Pauline Harner

My dream of what I wanna do after I get out of school is become a model, a singer or a journalist. I’ve never done anything that is even close to being considered “modeling”, but I think it’d be pretty fun. I love to sing and I’d love to be able to do what I love, but I also love writing. There’s a journalism school somewhere in Phoenix, Arizona and I would love to go there for college.
There’s a modeling school in Manchester, England and I wanna move to England when I’m in my early 20s, so I guess that’d work out pretty well. I plan to try and start my singing career by going on the X Factor when I’m 18, but I might not be able to get there on my own.
I plan to live in England or Ireland when I’m in my 20s or 30s and if I don’t become famous for singing then I’ll attempt to become famous for being a model at Multi-scale Modeling which is in University of Manchester. If I don’t succeed with that, then I’ll try to find another journalism school in England since I plan in moving to England when I’m in my early 20s.
I still have a lot of time and decision making ahead of me. In the next 3 years I could change my mind about what I wanna do after I’m finished with school, who knows. Maybe I’ll become successful for modeling and being a singer, or I’ll become a journalist of some sort. No one knows what the future holds, but only I can make my dreams become my future.


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