Students learn about bullying through ‘powerful’ assembly

Posted: December 2, 2014 in Assemblies, Bullying, Student Health

By Jessica Conrad
Cougar News Blog

     Students were recently able to learn about bullying in a powerful way. On Friday, Nov. 21, the Power Team visited the Performing Arts Center at the Apache Junction High School for an anti-bullying assembly filled with stunts and memorable speeches.
     Both seventh and eighth grade students at Cactus Canyon were able to attend a preview during the school day for the three night show at the PAC.
     “The Power Team taught the students how to use their strength to achieve goals and to never give up their vision,” said Principal, Courtney Castelhano.
     Last year, Student Council and Ms. Davis’ Lifeskills Class had their own anti-bullying assembly called “Spread the Word to End the Word.” That assembly included skits, speeches and a powerpoint presentation made by Student Council and a special guest speaker.
     “The year’s assembly was different in the fact that we have never had this group present before,” said Castelhano. “Also, they had more of an animated presentation.”
     Cactus Canyon has had anti-bullying assemblies in the years past, but none of them compared to this year’s.
     “The speaker of The Power Team told a lot of personal stories, “ said eighth grader Wendie Orozco. “I liked how they used stunts to explain their stories.”
     Castelhano is hoping to have more anti-bullying assemblies in the years to come. She says it’s a good thing to have because it brings awareness in the junior high level.
     “We want students to gain knowledge of the effects of bullying and also good character,” said Castelhano.
     The Power Team show promises “amazing feats of strength and power with a message of hope and inspiration.”


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