Perks included with early yearbook order

Posted: December 5, 2014 in Electives, Yearbook


By Sami Groneberg
Cougar News Blog

     The yearbook class at Cactus Canyon Junior High is encouraging and rewarding all students and staff who buy their yearbooks early. Students who buy a book before winter break students will be invited to an extra long signing party. There will be food and a drawing for gift cards. Students would also get your book before everyone else.
     There are quite a lot of things the yearbook staff is doing to advertise and get people to buy the books. The editors of the yearbook staff made videos to persuade students to buy the yearbooks. There are also different posters hung up around school campus.
     “People should buy the yearbook so when they are older they won’t forget all those memories and fun they had in Jr. High,” said eighth grader Cameron Krueger.
     The goal for the yearbook is for it to become more creative each year. Every year different things are added to make the book have a new design so it doesn’t look like the year before’s book.
     The theme for the yearbook this year is Committed. The Committed theme shows how students are committed to being role models, learning, and making things happen. Students in yearbook are asking different groups what they are committed to and are putting them on almost every page.
     Cactus Canyon Junior High is raising the prices for yearbooks this year. The prices are increasing for a couple of reasons. The first reason being, the yearbook staff was in a three year contract with Lifetouch so that makes the prices increase to 29 dollars per book. The second reason, is they upgraded the program to have better designs in the book. The last reason is they have to pay the bill and try to make a profit. Mr. Davis also likes to give the hard working yearbook staff members a free book. Before winter break they will be 30 dollars and when the students come back, books will be 35 dollars.
     Mr. Davis said this year’s that the yearbook is going to be the best one yet.
     “There aren’t many junior high yearbooks in the country that are better than ours. We have an award to prove that, but I would say it either way,” said Mr. Davis.
     For more information, visit Mr. Davis’ website.

  1. Alicia says:

    Hello CougarNews,
    Congradulations on winning the Best Group Blog award! Your blog connects with its students through academics, band, language arts, and many more. I like how your blog is put together nicely with everything in order. Your writing and grammar is awesome and well put. I can see why you got the best group award. This is super nice! I hope you continue to keep growing your awesome blog.

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