Students take on science engineering challenges

Posted: December 5, 2014 in Academics, Science

By Kenzie Serratt
Cougar News Blog

      Cactus Canyon’s Bethany Ligon and Regan Roach have taken on the science engineering challenge with their eighth grade students.
      The science engineering challenge is an ongoing project where students put their heads together as a team, and figure out how to build a structure using materials given by to them by their teachers.
      “I thought it was fun because we had to communicate with others in our group,” said student Carole Altherr.
      They aren’t necessarily prepared to do these challenges, instead, they do them at times chosen by the teachers.
      “Students earn points every day in class for things like coming to class on time and having all their necessary supplies,” said Roach. “When they reach 50 points, we drop whatever we are doing and we complete a design challenge.”
      Students enjoy the concept that they have to build off of each other and work as a group. Working with the others gives them better ways of looking at the same concept. Being with their friends is another perk for them also.
      “I like the fact that if we want to do the science engineering challenge then we have to work up to it,” said Altherr.
      The science engineering challenge makes students think outside of the box, instead of regular, daily work. When they have to think differently, it stimulates ideas in general. Their first and only project was the straw structure challenge. Students worked in groups of three to create a structure that could hold a tennis ball 12 inches off the ground for 10 seconds.
      “There really isn’t a set up per se,” says Roach. “I give students random supplies and tell them to build something and they do. It’s awesome to watch.”

  1. Austin says:

    Hey Kenzie, I think this is a very cool idea and it sounds like it would be fun to do. It would help to work as a team because you can both add your knowledge of how to do this kind of stuff and make it better. Instead of doing the same thing everyday you can break from that routine and try something new and fun. I want to try doing this it would be very fun to do.
    By: Austin

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