Students go to Mesa Arts Center to see speakers

Posted: December 9, 2014 in Academics, Language arts, Project-based Learning, Trips

By Shea W.
Cougar News Blog

     Students dove into a learning experience when they went to the Mesa Arts Center Nov. 13 to see two photographers speak about the marine wildlife they take pictures of. Seventh and eighth grade reading lab students went on the Mesa Arts Center trip to see David Doubliet and Jennifer Hayes speak about the beautiful creatures in the sea.
     “They showed us different species in different areas and some of the behaviors you might encounter if you are scuba diving around those creatures,” said teacher Mrs. Lisa Smith.
     She wanted her students to see a world other than their own and to see a different possibilities and environments in each unique way and the dangers that could be lurking there.
     “I wanted my students to see a world outside of their own,” said Mrs. Smith. “I wanted them to see different possibilities and environments in a unique way.”
      Before the students went on the trip, they read numerous pieces of literature andare currently studying problems on Earth and coming up with solutions that could help. The students also read articles about undersea creatures.
     “In our classrooms we read numerous materials about the planet and undersea informational text,” said Mrs. Smith. “We are studying different problems within the Earth’s atmosphere and many solutions that could help reduce or solve global warming due to over farming and cutting down forests.”
     Later on down the road, the classes may have another field trip relating to what they were working on in class. Mrs. Smith hopes that next time there would be a little more time to process the information. She think that an activity after this event would’ve been a good idea for the students to show what they learned.
     “I wanted to know what they did in real life,” said eighth grader Connor Zimmerman.


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