Yearbook students practice skills with 15-day challenge

Posted: December 9, 2014 in Electives, Yearbook

By Sami Groneberg
Cougar News Blog

     Click, click, click is what yearbook students heard as they were working on their 15 Day Photo Challenge.
     They had to take a different photo everyday for over two weeks, but the catch was the photo had to contain at least one of the elements they study. Some elements include action, angle, and depth of field. The students started the photo challenge on November 10 and it ended November 25.
     Yearbook adviser Jason Davis wants students to not only take pictures daily, but have creative quality photos that isn’t like a photo taken by just a regular iPhone. The yearbook is involved in needing photos taken at school, but students also need to have freedom to take photos that they are comfortable with and also have a challenge on there hands. Yearbooks students had a challenge of remembering to take the photo every day and liking the photo they took. If they don’t like the photo they took they were able to retake the photo and get a better one.
     “The reason it is a daily photo challenge is to give students a glimpse into the life of a real photographer,” said Davis.
     “I learned a lot about responsibility because if you missed a day or if you were being lazy and didn’t take a picture it really affected your grade,” said Michael Jada.
     The photos also would need to have creativity. There were different ideas that students were given like from a high angle, favorite color, and eyes. Students had to pick which idea they wanted to use and had to come up with a creative idea on how to incorporate them and the elements.
     “The way I come up with the ideas is by looking at what my challenge is for that day and then I kinda just picture what I want to do as an idea for the photo,” said Meagan Clark.
     This won’t be the only photo challenge yearbooks students will be doing. There will be three other major projects. The biggest one will be the ABC Photography Challenge, where, over a 26-day period students have to take picture that goes with each letter of the alphabet.


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