Friday parties show appreciation for CCJH staff

Posted: December 11, 2014 in Teachers

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By Abriann Rios Pineda
Cougar News Blog

      Teachers work really hard at Cactus Canyon Junior High. Even after the school day is over they sometimes have to stay after school to grade homework, projects, and school work.
      Cactus Canyon staff member Jodi Rodgers came up with the idea of having a little Friday party to show teacher appreciation. They have a party about twice a month for all the teachers and staff. All of their parties are privately funded from the kindness of a couple of staff members who attend the parties.
      “The teachers and staff of this school are some of the most amazing people to work with,” said Rodgers. “They work incredibly hard to make sure the future is as bright as it can be for our students. The least we could do is let them know how much they are appreciated.”
      Everyone is invited to the office and receives a nice treat like chips, cookies, or rice crispy treats and a glass of Coca-Cola. After, the attendees of the party are instructed to do a fun/random activity.
      There’s a different theme for every party. They have had movies, pirates, a masquerade, Thanksgiving, and Twist-and-Shout themed parties so far.
      At the Twist-and-Shout themed party, the teachers were instructed to compete against another staff member by taking an Oreo cookie and twisting it off. If their side had the most amount of cream on it, they won. The loser had to draw a phrase out of the cup and shout it out.
      At the masquerade party, the staff came up to the office and drew a name of a co-worker and received a cut-out of that person’s face to use as a mask.
      “The adults on campus rarely get to spend time together without students, and of course we have to maintain our professionalism during the school day,” said eighth grade teacher Marla Aehlert. “After a long week, it’s fun to get together and relax for a bit, and sometimes be a little silly. I really think it has helped the morale among the staff.”


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