Music groups enjoying busy season

Posted: December 11, 2014 in Academics, Choir, Electives

By Maddie Chilson
Cougar News Blog

     The holidays are a busy time for most people and it’s no different for the CCJH music department. In addition to preparing for holiday concerts, director Aimee Vining has had her groups performing around the Valley.
     Last Saturday, Dec. 6, Cactus Canyon’s Ms. Vining took her students to the Apache Junction Public Library to perform for the holidays.
     “The coordinator is a parent of one of my students,” said Vining, “and she asked me if we could come play.”
     The students have had two months to prepare for the holiday performances. Each group had to learn three to four songs, performing at least three songs and a Christmas song. The students say the rehearsals have been stressful.
     “Rehearsal has been crazy because we’ve been trying to get everything down to perfection,” said eighth grader Sidney Harte.
     The jazz band had to learn even more because they performed in Scottsdale as well, and they had to have 30 minutes worth of music. Students say that the experience is serious, yet fun.
     “The concert environment is very serious,” said Harte. “But we all have fun because we enjoy what we do.”
     The students have shown a lot of improvement since the beginning of the school year, which happens to be Vining’s favorite part of being the band teacher; watching the kids improve for every concert. Vining expects students will continue to improve.
     “I like to see them become more independent, and play their parts with more accuracy,” tells Vining.
     There will be another band concert Thursday, Dec. 11, in the Performing Arts Center at the Apache Junction High School. The students favorite part is when they get to go on stage and perform.
     “My favorite part is when it is our time to go on stage and perform,” said Harte. “We have improved so much and it’s an amazing experience.”


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