Eighth graders creating WWII textbooks

Posted: December 18, 2014 in Academics, Project-based Learning, Social Studies

By Zoey Lopez
Cougar News Blog

     Mrs. Anderson, a Cactus Canyon Junior High social studies teacher, wanted to try something different and unordinary with all of her eighth grade classes. She decided to put her students into groups and have them make textbooks. The textbooks must be about World War II.
     There is going to be 35 important objectives based on their curriculum. Each group is able to organize the book as they want. All textbooks must have a table of contents, index, and a cover page. The goal is to make the textbook as accurate possible.
     “I hope students will be able to learn about the important events and people of WWII,” said social studies teacher Sheryl Anderson.
     The activity is going to teach students how destructive the war was, and how Americans in particular worked together in the military and on the home front.
“WWII was a turning point in the social structure of the U.S. and international boundaries,” says Anderson, “It is a fascinating time to look back on and see how it changed the world.”
     Mrs. Anderson was able to research all of the Arizona State Standards for WWII and made the standards required topics in the textbooks. She then asked her classes to decide what a good text book would have in it. Her class told her pictures with captions, questions, fun facts, glossary, index, page numbers, color, table of contents, chapters, and a cover page. Anderson says her classes have been working extra hard just to get these little things done on time.
     “At CCJH we use a lot of new technology and new methods, but I am not always sure of what students know to be the best method for them,” said Sheryl Anderson
     After the students are done with the textbooks Mrs. Anderson will make a copy for each person in the group. Students will be able to use their textbooks to study for the test.
     All books will be judged by a team of administrators. The best book from each class will get cinnamon rolls.
     “Students have been working non-stop to earn the cinnamon rolls,” said Anderson.
The judges are going to vote for the best book out of Mrs. Anderson’s eighth-grade classes. The group with the most votes will win something bigger than cinnamon rolls.


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