eBay project teaches students academic and real-life skills

Posted: February 12, 2015 in Academics, Project-based Learning, Social Studies
Students prepare items for shipping after selling them on eBay as part of Mrs. Anderson's project.

Students prepare items for shipping after selling them on eBay as part of Mrs. Anderson’s project.

By Haley M.
Cougar News Blog

     Seventh- and eighth-grade social studies teacher, Sheryl Anderson is back at it again with her signature eBay project.
     The eBay project is a yearlong activity that teaches students, measurement, customer service, profit and loss, and also supply and demand.
     “One day I found a beautiful globe for $15. When we looked it up on the Internet, it cost $1,000 brand new,” says Anderson. “Later, I thought this would be a good way for students to earn money for something fun.”
     Students and Anderson go to Goodwill, a store where shoppers can find used things for half of the normal price, they then buy interesting objects, bring them back to the class and they sell them online for more than what they bought it for at Goodwill.
     “They can bring stuff from their own shopping experiences, they research identical items that have sold, they weigh and measure the item for shipping,” says Anderson. “(They) keep track of profits and costs on a spreadsheet, photograph items for the listing.”
     “What I have taken out of this project so far is how to put stuff onto eBay and checking if the objects are well enough to sell on eBay,” says eighth grade student Corie Haro. “I like to work with people on this project and using the computer to put stuff up and I also like getting things accomplished”
     In addition to academic learning, the eBay project also makes students aware of real-life opportunities they may come across.
     “I want them to be aware of opportunities that may present themselves in places that they don’t expect,” says Anderson. “Also, they could have really cool stuff for a lot less money if they are ready to go on a “hunt.”
     This is not the first year Ms. Anderson has done this project. This time she has improved her skills for selling and technique since last year.
     “We started earlier in the year,” says Anderson “I brought in some stuff for the kids to use as listings right away.”


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