Book Club competes in annual battle

Posted: February 14, 2015 in Academics, Book Club, Book Wars, Language arts, Organizations

By Raylan Jena
Cougar News Blog

     Cactus Canyon Jr. High recently had its annual Battle of the Books, which isn’t books fighting each other, but Book Club students answering trivia questions about books they read.
     This year, the group read several books, including The Maze Runner.
     The Battle of the Books was hosted by book club sponsors Sheryl Anderson and Lisa Smith.
     Other teachers, Tom Mattausch and Carol Dolle, were asked to read the books, make up questions for the competition, and serve as judges during the contest.
     “Battle of the books is competition between teams of readers who compete to answer the correct answers to the questions about the book that they read, it’s like a book trivia,” Mrs. Anderson said.
     “I liked how they asked us questions on the books we read,” Faith Tucker said.
     Like all contests there was a group of winners. Judges picked a winning team by keeping track of how many questions they get right about the books.
     “I enjoyed seeing how well the participants understand the books they read,” said Thomas Mattausch.
     Both of the guest judges explained that they want to continue to be involved in Battle of the Books for as long as they can.
     “I have been involved with Battle of the Books for many years,” Dolle said. “I always enjoy judging, and for the past couple of years I have been the question reader.”
     After the battle members watched “The Maze Runner” movie and had a party with pizza and popcorn.


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