Students learn history through comics

Posted: February 18, 2015 in Enrichment, Language arts, Social Studies, Study Skills

By Natalie D.
Cougar News Blog

     Eighth graders at Cactus Canyon have been flying into history in a new way this semester in John Leal’s new study skills class.
     Leal’s new comic book class is a popular one with 36 students and the class is learning about the history of comic books and how they have been influenced by or influenced historical events. They are also learning about the first comic books, how comics are made, and, of course, the superheroes.
     “I expect my students to take away all the components of a comic book and be able to explain how they may influence comics,” said Mr.Leal.
     Students will continue this class until the end of the quarter with their new knowledge of comic books and favorite things from the class to share.
     “My favorite part of the class was learning about the superheroes,” said Aysaiah Aguilera.
     The students are learning about topics such as the first woman and first African-American portrayed in a comic book during times when women and African-Americans were not treated as equals to white men.
     For example, Wonder Woman was the first woman DC Comics published in 1941 when women were expected to work mostly in their homes. Marvel also featured African-American superheroes in the 1950s when Blacks were still experiencing segregation and racial injustices in the United States.
     “My favorite thing to teach has been the history of comics and how they have influenced historical events,” said Leal.
     Even though this class is only continuing till March, students say they would take this class again to learn more and bring friends along.
     “I would take this class again because I like learning about superheroes and recommend this class to a friend,” said Aguilera.


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