Leo Club hosts game night in search of new members

Posted: February 19, 2015 in Leo Club, Organizations

By Elijah Q.
Cougar News Blog

     The Leo Club set up a game night on Friday, January 23, to recruit new members for the group at Cactus Canyon.
     James Gibson, an eighth-grade social studies teacher, threw a game night inside the 500 building and had the members set up games like Clue, Apples to Apples, and Headbands. There was also music and refreshments for the people who attended the event.
     Mr. Gibson said he hoped more seventh graders would join this year.
     “I have no set number,” said Mr. Gibson. “But we have difficulties in middle school getting opportunities to help because of transportation and students not being old enough.”
     Anybody could come to the event but to enter students would need two non-expired pop-top cans of food, which were going to be donated to Project HELP. They also wanted to raise awareness for the local need of food.
     “The Leo Club is a community of hard-working students working toward helping the society,” says Leo Club member, Natalie Erb. “I believe that the the event was a great outcome.”
     The Leo Club started was started by Lions Club member and school board member, Mike Weaver. He wanted to start a junior-high group to help the community, so he asked the principal, Courtney Castelhano, who put Gibson as the director of the group.
     Gibson plans to throw another event to recruit more kids.
     “I wish new kids would join the club,” said Mr. Gibson. “I want the group to be student run and the events build friendships that can help us in life.”


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