Reading enrichment encourages a love of reading

Posted: February 23, 2015 in Academics, Beyond Texbooks, Enrichment, Language arts, Study Skills

By Cassie Wallace
Cougar News Blog

     James Gibson, an eighth grade social studies teacher at Cactus Canyon has a new enrichment class, Study Skills Reading. The study skills classes are made to give students more motivation and interest in learning. The main goal of the new reading class is to draw students in and get them to read more often.
     Some students read independently, but there are other options for less motivated readers, including audiobooks and class sets for reading in groups. Mr. Gibson reads the same book as the group and offers support.
     Mr. Gibson hopes to encourage students who read a lot, as well as the ones who don’t.
     “People can be encouraged to read in a variety of ways,” said Mr. Gibson. “Encouraging people to read is essential in our age group. The hope is that the students find the time spent in class fulfilling, not just a time to talk and hangout with friends.”
     The class will go on until next quarter and,allows students to take different classes and have different experiences. Mr.Gibson expects that the students will take on knowledge of how reading is an “empowering activity,” and use it later in the future.
     “Often people allow themselves to be pulled into a novel or a short story through the power of imagination, the ‘take-away’ from reading is limitless,” said Mr.Gibson.
     Mr. Gibson’s reading class is an opportunity to read, and get extra reading points for the “Book Wars” program, which gives students prizes at a specific amount of AR points.
     AR points help teachers target and understand where the student’s reading level is, and if they need extra help or if they need to read different material.
     “I like this class, I think it gives students a little more time to focus on AR goals, which some students actually do care about,” said Kylie Cann.

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