Wrestling team seeks continued success

Posted: April 1, 2015 in Athletics, Wrestling

By Raylan Jena
Cougar News Blog

     Cactus Canyon is back for wrestling season and isn’t tapping out.
     CCJH has won the championship for wrestling for four consecutive years and the team this year is filled with young men and women who are dedicated to the sport and ready to beat their opponent, but respectfully.
     “I’ve learned what hard work and dedication is, I practice every day to make me stronger physically and mentally,” eighth grader Timothy Pappas said.
     The wrestling coach, David Smith, has been teaching the young wrestlers new moves, respect, hard work, and dedication. The wrestlers said they will try their absolute best when they wrestle their opponents. Coach Smith taught the kids to have a goal for their season, so that they can try their best to be successful.
     “My goal for the season is to have fun doing what I love and working on being a better person,” Pappas said.
     Everyone on the team has been preparing for the new season, with all types of ways, such as running more, working out, eating better, and getting themselves into shape.
     “I have prepared for wrestling by eating right, less junk food, and working out at the gym more,” eighth grader Joshua Tunstill said.
     Many of the wrestlers want to to use wrestling in their future, and get scholarships, because they all love the sport, and love to compete.
     “I love wrestling; it’s a sport that I will actually want to continue, and hopefully use it in the future for a scholarship,” Pappas said.
     Members on the wrestling team are confident in their ability to win the league for the fifth consecutive year.
     “I am confident that we will win,” Pappas said.


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