Ladies’ soccer season kicking off with pride

Posted: April 2, 2015 in Athletics, Girls soccer
CCJH soccer players train for the upcoming season. (Photo by Julissa Caballero)

CCJH soccer players train for the upcoming season. (Photo by Julissa Caballero)

By Alaya Walton
Cougar News Blog

     Girls’ hand-dribbling season is out and foot-dribbling is officially in. With basketball season over, CCJH’s lady soccer players are kicking off this year’s season with loads of confidence and determination.
     After having won two consecutive years at the championships, the team is currently working on fundamentals and conditioning as far as basics.
     “We mostly work on our basics and perfect them, and a lot of running,” says eighth grader Madyson Uehling.
     A lot of the soccer players participate in additional practice outside of the school team.
     “I am on a club team, MSC United, and I practice three days a week outside of school practice,” says eighth grader Kaileah Goucher. “I’ve been working on my conditioning and my footwork so I can be the best.”
     Some of the team members’ confidence leads them to think positive thoughts of their team member and themselves.
     “Our forwards, Emily Rutkowski and I, are very strong up top, and our defense won’t let anybody past them,” Goucher shares. “I know our whole team can work hard and dominate.
     There also seems to be a common bond among the girls on the team.
     “We like to talk and get along; I mean, we are girls for goodness sakes,” says Uehling.
     Goucher also describes it as, “Getting along and working as a team no matter what the drama is outside of practice.”
     The coaches also have certain expectations for this and all seasons within girls soccer.
     “My goal each and every season is to teach the players some skills they can use in everyday life,” says head Coach Norm Hoefer.
     “The expectations Coach Hoefer and I have for our players is to be able to work together and really grasp the idea of working together as a unit so we can achieve our team goal,” says assistant Coach Jared Hunt.
     The ladies’ first game is Thursday, April 2, at Mountain Vista, and they have already have a very clear goal for the upcoming season.
     “I’m excited to win championships for the third year in a row,” says Goucher.

  1. Michaila says:

    Hello Alaya Walter, I am Michaila. Congratulations on how you have won every championship for the past two years! It sounds like your team is a very hard working team! I love how you involved some of the players ideas on how this year will turn out! I too enjoy playing soccer! I also like to play a few other sports like volley ball, basketball, exetera. I hope that your team has a secessfull year!

    Sincerely: Michaila
    I wish you luck for winning this champion ship!

    • Alaya says:

      Hello Michaila,
      Thank you so much for your kind response! It is great to know that there are more people out that read our blog other than Cactus Canyon’s students! Our team is currently undefeated, so the team is having a great outlook on this year’s season. Once again, thank you!

      Alaya Walton

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