Band students have a magical time at Disney

Posted: April 8, 2015 in Band, Electives, Orchestra, Student Accomplishments, Trips

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By Elijah Q.
Cougar News Blog

     The Cactus Canyon musicians went to the Heritage Music Festival and Disneyland in California on March 27. They played for judges on Friday at Fullerton College, and went to Disney on Saturday.
     Aimee Vining, the CCJH music teacher, brought her jazz, symphony, and wind ensemble to play at the festival. Jazz and wind won a silver award, symphony won a bronze award, and Cactus Canyon’s student Calista Smith won a special award, the “When You Wish” award for dedication, perseverance, and leadership.
     “I think my students performed at their very best,” said Vining. “The last two weeks were all about thinking of music critically, fixing our songs, and making them as perfect as possible.”
     Students learned that it takes time and dedication to be ready to perform in front of judges.
     “I did learn a lot from this trip,” said Sui Lan Waugh, a seventh grade musician. “I have learned good techniques with making sure the balance sounded equal with all the instruments.”
     “I hoped my students would learn that music performance is competitive and fun,” said Vining. “I want them to experience performing in front of judges, receiving critiques, and learning music skills from others.”
     The students have been preparing for this trip all year long. They practiced their songs every day until they were ready for the judges.
     “Well we’ve been practicing our festival sings for (three) quarters now,” said Natalie Erb, eighth grade musician. “But that doesn’t include after school practice.”
     Vining was pleased with the results, but said this will likely be the last California trip for a while..
     “We can’t do another trip because we can’t afford it,” said Vining “We will do a local festival instead.”


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