Readers to be rewarded with pool party

Posted: April 13, 2015 in Academics, Book Wars, Language arts

By Natalie D.
Cougar News Blog

     Students at Cactus Canyon have a pool party to look forward to if they love to read and can show it.
     On May 15, students have the possibility of going to the Superstition Shadows Aquatic Center if they get 90 Accelerated Reader points by reading books and taking tests on them.
     “I’m doing my best,” said seventh grader Kyo Steward. “I can read half of a book in one day if I put my mind to it.”
     Since the party comes one week before school ends, it is almost a release for students who can’t wait for summer vacation to roll around.
     “The pool party is a great reward because it comes at the end of the year when many students are feeling restless,” said seventh grade language arts teacher Mallory Stradling. “It will be a great experience for those students to be able to have a break for all their effort.”
     For some students, the party is a motivation to keep reading and taking tests so they can reach a much wanted award.
     “If there wasn’t a reward I don’t think I would try as hard because it’s hard for me to read if I don’t really want to,” said Steward.
     Most teachers also agree that if there wasn’t a reward most of their students wouldn’t make the effort to read or take tests just for the fun of it.
     “I believe students who love to read will read for the enjoyment of reading,” said principal Courtney Castelhano. “Students who do not like to read as much may be motivated more to read by the reward party. My hope is that once students begin to read, that they will enjoy it and continue reading.”
     Students have until May 14 to get 90 points on AR and earn the pool reward.


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