Cactus Canyon wins fifth straight cheer competition

Posted: April 17, 2015 in Athletics, Cheer, Student Accomplishments


By Shea W.
Cougar News Blog

     Cactus Canyon’s cheer team dropped their poms when they were announced first place and a fifth consecutive win because of their hard work and dedication. The Desert Middle Schools Athletic League cheer competition was held on Saturday, March 28 at Apache Junction High School.
     This was Cathryn Messenger’s last year coaching and her team wanted to make her proud.
     “In all honesty, the most important factors for me were that all the teams were able to showcase all their hard work and that everyone walked away with great memories,” said Messenger.
     Before the event, all the girls stayed for late night practices to get the team ready for competition. Messenger wanted the girls to learn that without just one person everything you worked very hard for will fall without any warning.
     “I learned that even when there’s drama, stick through it. Even if you want to quit, keep going because obviously it got us somewhere,” said Kara O’Connor.
     Messenger has created a legacy at Cactus Canyon and doesn’t want that to disappear. She will probably not be coaching for a while and will spend more time with her husband and children. and She will probably be the one to select a new coach for next year.
     “I want to thank CCJH, Mrs. Castelhano, Mr. Cantrell, and Mrs. Gingrich for allowing me to be part of this fantastic school for the past 5 years,” said Messenger. “I will truly miss being part of CCJH, but I am so thankful for everything and everyone I have encountered over the years.”
     The amount of money used for the competition between three schools was about $500. All the girls and their parents helped to set up from 8:30 to 10 p.m. and they also helped sell program ads for the public to grab on their way in, but they ran out of copies.
     “Since we wanted the event to be spectacular, we went above and beyond as much as we could,” said Messenger, “I would say, all in all, the cost to host the competition was probably close to $500.”

  1. Sierra says:

    Hello Shea, congrats on your schools win. I love how your blog talked a lot about being thankful for the coach that you have had over the years. Next blog you do, you should include images or a description on the routine the cheer team had performed. What was the routine like? What moves did they include in the routine? Great job on the blog.
    From, Sierra

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