I Love to Read Week encourages reading for fun

Posted: April 22, 2015 in Academics, Book Club, Language arts, Organizations, Study Skills


By Alyssa Flores
Cougar News Blog

     Book club has a week full of plans to get students and CCJH staff to read. “I Love to Read” week is April 28-May 1 and is a week for CCJH to show their love for reading, not just in language arts class.
     Lisa Smith, the book club advisor, wants encourage students to read because she believes reading can help students learn new things and can take them to different journeys through the books they read.
     “Reading can be fun and exciting. I want students to learn different books that are out there to read. I want all teachers to share their love of reading, not just language arts teachers,” said Smith.
     There is going to be different activities each day of the week during Study Skills and the materials will be given to the teachers.
     On Monday, classes will be playing “book charades,” where the teacher will be given a box of 25 book titles. One student will act out a book title and the others will guess what book it is. On Tuesday, the students will be playing an activity called “who’s reading the book.” There will be a Google presentation that the Study Skills teacher will show. On each slide, a teacher be shown holding a book they like to read and students will try to guess who the teacher is.
     Wednesday is “worms for bookworms” day and each student will get a bag of gummy worms to eat when they are reading. Thursday is poetry day and teachers will receive paper so the students can write a four-line poem and the winner will get a treat. Friday will be “read with a buddy” day where students will bring a stuffed animal to read with.
     “Reading should be a life time activity that people enjoy. It helps you learn new things and can take you on many different journeys through the stories you read,” said Smith. “Each CCJH (student) gets to enjoy reading with a fun week to show their love. In the same week there is going to be a book fair in the library.
     “I want them to learn how to find a book that suits them,” said book club member and seventh Phillip Baker.

  1. Cassidy says:

    Hi Alyssa I love the idea of a read week!! I love to read and that sounds like a lot of fun and I really liked the way you wrote in detail about the fun activities and how you explained what each one was. Which was your favourite activity? Well it was an amazing article and I enjoyed reading it.
    -Sincerely Cassidy

    • Alyssa says:

      Thank you Cassidy for reading my article and leaving a wonderful comment. I love to read week is next week but I think I will enjoy the book charades.

  2. Teanea says:

    Hello Alyssa,
    My name is Teanea I was reading your blog and I think it’s very cool that you got the kids to play book charades and different little activities about the books . And how you gave them gummy worms to eat while reading which I think would of encouraged them to read some more!
    Have a good day

    • Alyssa says:

      Thank you for reading my story and posting your lovely feedback. I think it’s important to get everyone involved in reading and finding ways to encourage them to read.


  3. […] which promoted reading through fun activities. There were some really original ideas in there! (https://cougarnewsblog.com/2015/04/22/i-love-to-read-week-encourages-reading-for-fun/). The best thing about this classroom blog is that it really put together by the middle schoolers […]

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