Teachers use rockets to teach Newton’s Law

Posted: May 10, 2015 in Academics, Project-based Learning, Science

By Skylar Sosa
Cougar News Blog

Cactus Canyon eighth graders are blasting off with a new project creating rockets to demonstrate Newton’s Laws of Motion.
     Science teachers Ms. Wyatt and Mrs. Roach wanted to plan an informative, but fun way to teach their students about Newton’s Laws of Motion. With the end of the school year approaching, the teachers wanted to assign a casual, relaxed project that would make the end of the school year enjoyable, but still something students could gain information and knowledge from.
     “Rockets are a great way to test your engineering skills and the ability to work with a person to design something great,” said Joe Pomeroy, one of the eighth grade students.
     The project is assigned in all classes and students will be working on it for the remainder of the school year. Wyatt and Roach have assigned this assignment in the past, which have all been successful and they are expecting this one to be just as helpful.
     “Because of my past experiences with rockets, I think students will be excited to build and launch their rockets,” said Mrs. Roach, an eighth grade science teacher.
     Students will be working in groups and will be building the rockets out of paper and tubes. The goal of the assignments is to show how sections of the rocket can be affected by external forces and how the laws can be applied and showcased on the object. The rockets purpose is to display how basic items can be changed or impacted by Newton’s laws. Essentially, the rocket is just a device that the teachers are using to interest students in the subject but is still allowing students to learn in an exciting, creative way.
     “The rockets are fun but sort of frustrating because the supplies aren’t cooperating. It really does teach us to have patience though,” said Danessa Shaw, a student working with the rockets.
Teachers are expecting the overall project to be a useful tool and something that students can obtain a better overall understanding of the laws and something that will make the end of the year an entertaining and pleasurable experience.

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