Tickets available for ‘formal’ promotion dance

Posted: May 12, 2015 in Dances, PTO

By Pauline Harner
Cougar News Blog

     Eighth-graders at Cactus Canyon will be having a promotional dance on Friday, May 15. It will be from 7-9 p.m. at the Multi-Generational Center. The purpose of this dance is to show recognition to students for their achievement.
     The PTO believes in all of the eighth-graders, and all of their successes. They also believe that all of their hard work should be rewarded.
     “I hope that students will therefore bring this concept into the future with them,” said PTO president, Dena Kimble. “Working hard pays off and does not go unnoticed.”
     This is a “formal” dance, meaning girls should wear a dress and boys should wear slacks and a nice shirt. It’s prom. No ripped jeans or jean shorts, but girls can wear dressy shorts.
     “I think that it’s more formal than the other usual dances the school has had,” said eighth-grader Stephany Gomez.
     PTO has been planning this celebration for a couple of months. There will be food, drinks, cupcakes, a DJ, and decorations. Tickets will be available the night of the dance as well as up in the office with Ms. Jodi for $10.
     PTO hopes students will purchase tickets by Wednesday because it would really help have a head count for food purchase.
     “I expect to see people having a good time and dancing,” said eighth-grader Ravyn Fairchild. “I don’t think there will be anything different about the dance.”
     This event is not a fundraiser and should be cost-neutral, meaning the PTO won’t be making any money nor losing any money.


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