Book fair set up takes time, effort

Posted: May 13, 2015 in Academics, Library

By Alaya Walton
Cougar News Blog

     There is an additional dimension beyond what is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as infinite as time. It lies between the boundaries of literature and comprehension, and plays as the summit of proper knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area called the Book Fair Zone.
     The second book fair of the year was held in the library May 4-8 and would not had been possible without proper materials and preparation. Many of Cactus Canyon’s students and staff had been working hard to make the book fair as great as it could be.
     “There are many little steps that are taken up to the time of the book fair, and Scholastic does an excellent job of outlining all the things that need to be accomplished in materials they provide,” says Jennifer Cameron, CCJH’s librarian.
     Cactus Canyon’s student council had also been a big part of the preparation for the book fair.
     “We make decorations for the book fair,” says Vice President Angel Meeks. “When she has a theme, we create decorations that correspond to the theme.”
     “After the decorations were made, we all at once went in the library to put them up,” says representative Marissa Gregory. “We also put the books on the bookshelf and set up the stands.”
     In addition to the focus on setting up, the book fair preparation seemed to be educational for many of StuCO.
     “It was a lot of collaborating with people,” said Meeks. “It’s nice helping out the librarian because she does a lot of work as it is.”
     “We mostly learned responsibility because if we were to not do it, the book fair wouldn’t be properly prepared,” said Gregory. “We also learned organization when we were responsible for everything being in its place.”


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