New yearbook editors prepare for workshop

Posted: May 18, 2015 in Electives, Trips, Yearbook

By Pauline Harner
Cougar News Blog

     Next year’s Cactus Canyon yearbook editors will be going to Scottsdale, Arizona on June 1 and June 2 to visit the Lifetouch Yearbook Workshop.
     With the difficult job being placed in front of the students, this will give them a head start to just jump right in and start helping other students.
     “The workshop is an opportunity for the students who will be next year’s editors to learn more about making a yearbook and being a leader in the classroom,” said yearbook adviser, Jason Davis.
     Last year’s yearbook editors also went on this trip, tell me what they did.
     “I had a great experience and I left with many new ideas including cutouts, gatefolds, and many more,” said eighth-grader Cameron Krueger.
     This year the yearbook editors and advisers will be going to the Lifetouch workshop so they can get a jumpstart on the 2015-2016 yearbook. They hope to be designing the theme, design a cover, and figure out the overall style and layout of the book. They also finished the ladder of the yearbook, which is the outline of the pages that tells staff members what content goes on what page.
     “Basically we hope to accomplish everything we can to make the overall experience of creating the book less stressful and more enjoyable for others during the school year,” said seventh-grader Rosellen Hansing.
     Each year the yearbook staff tries to add something new and original to the book to capture what happens at Cactus Canyon in a creative way.hopes they will be able to learn something new to make the book special to students and yearbook members.
     “Last year, we got to collaborate with students and advisers from other schools,” he said. “It’s always helpful to see what other people are doing because if you like it, you can steal it.”


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