Dances help build school community

Posted: August 26, 2015 in Dances, Spirit, Student Council
Eighth grade StuCo representative Jessica Grabowski make an Elvis Presley decoration for the Welcome Back dance Aug. 27.

Eighth grade StuCo representative Jessica Grabowski make an Elvis Presley decoration for the Welcome Back dance Aug. 27.

By Skylar Sosa
Cougar News Blog

     Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada! Well, not quite. However, Student Council members are doing their very best to make Cactus Canyon’s Welcome Back dance look exactly like it with this year’s theme.
     Cactus Cactus is kicking off the start of a new school year with a great DJ and MC that help get everyone involved and decorations that feature landmarks from one of America’s most famous cities. While StuCo members hope everyone has a great time, many students don’t realize how much the Cactus Canyon dances build school community.
     “I think it is really important for kids to have positive experiences at school because it helps build school spirit and pride and reminds people that Cactus Canyon is a great place to go to school,” says StuCo adviser Jason Davis. “Things like dances and sporting events give everyone a chance to interact differently than they do during a normal school day.”
     Whether the student is a seventh grader who’s never been to a dance, or an eighth grader and that’s done it all before, StuCo members are working their hardest to make sure everyone has an enjoyable time dancing and having fun with their friends.
     Even with the dance being a just a few days away, council members are feeling confident that they will have everything looking flawless for the attendees of the dance.
     “I don’t think that the pressure is bad at all,” said eighth-grade representative Jessica Grabowski. “Student Council has done such a great job that there’s nothing to be worried about because of how far we have gotten.”
     The Las Vegas dance will definitely be be different from past dances, because of the four-day school week. Since the dance is on a Thursday, there will be no school the next day, which means no late night studying or homework.
     I like going to the dance and want to go to it because it’s so fun to hangout with friends, listen to music, dance, and get to meet new people,” said eighth grader, Haile Miller.
     With all the games, decorations, and junk food, people often forget about what they are really there for: to dance. This year’s dance theme is perfect for this, and everyone will be having a great time just having a fantastic time with their friends.
     Mariana Rios said, “The dance seems really exciting and the theme is not like other dances and I think that adds more anticipation.”
     The Welcome Back Dance will be 5:15 to 7 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 27. Tickets are available during lunch at the Student Services desk.

  1. Rose says:

    This was a very good story Potato Sosa. 🙂

  2. Mrs. Aehlert says:

    I had so much fun at the dance! Thank you StuCo!

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