57 students earn admission to NJHS

Posted: September 16, 2015 in Academics, NJHS, Organizations, Student Accomplishments


By Alexa DeLorenzo
Cougar News Blog

     NJHS advisers recently distributed applications to Cactus Canyon students who show great character, leadership, citizenship, scholarship, and service.
     Art teacher Ms. Paige Reesor and language arts teacher Tammy Howard gave the opportunity to dozens students who have the required characteristics to join National Junior Honors Society. Like other requirements for NJHS, this application was tough for some of the 57 students who earned admission to the organization.
     “It was difficult to fill out the application because it made you think about the traits of an NJHS member and how you can comply to them,” said Kirsten Sinelli.
     Ms. Reesor and Ms. Howard both have high expectations when it comes to looking through the application. Each student needs to show that they should be apart of this program and need to explain why they think their capable. Students need good grades, and to care about and help others.
     “I look for students who keep their grade point average up, but I also look for students that show great character,” said Ms. Reesor. “They are kind and helpful to others, and they do their very best in life.”
     Good behavior is just one way to get into NJHS, grades are a very important part in becoming a member. Not only do students need to earn a 91 average in seventh grade, they must keep it there to stay in NJHS.
     “It was challenging to keep my grades up last year because it’s different from elementary school and you really have to take care of yourself,” says Kirsten Sinelli.
     Community service is also key in NJHS. Helping out teachers, helping students, even taking care of the school is what community service is about. NJHS members are required to participate in at least 10 hours of service to earn the right to go on the end-of-the-year trip to Disneyland.
     “I think finding time for community service will be a challenge, and I plan to get my hours by helping in the library,” says Sinelli.


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