Dress code helps students dress appropriately, maintain individuality

Posted: September 29, 2015 in Current Events and Issues

By Wyatt Hutchinson
Cougar News Blog

     While Cactus Canyon doesn’t require students to wear uniforms, it does have a dress code. While violations are not a huge issue for CCJH, some students, especially when the weather is warm, what is considered to be inappropriate clothing.
     For boys, this usually means wearing sagging pants or shirts with inappropriate visuals. For girls, it often means wearing shorts that are too short or shirts that don’t cover the midriff.
     Principal Courtney Castelhano said the dress code rules exist to keep students and staff in appropriate clothing that does not distract from learning.
     “These rules also prepare students for the work world in the future, and there does tend to be more dress code issues when it is hot outside due to shorts and tank tops,” she said.
     Even though there are some violations, most students feel a dress code is a better option than uniforms and that it is a privilege, not a right, to have a choice in what they wear to school.
     “I think the dress code is fair and I have never been dress coded,” says eighth grader Seth Peterson.
     “While I think that if we had uniforms, choosing what to wear would never be a problem, I also cherish individuality,” said eighth-grade teacher Regan Roach. “I would prefer a dress code over uniforms. This allows students (and staff) to have some decision-making powers.”


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