Students advised to delete questionable e-mails

Posted: October 6, 2015 in Current Events and Issues, Technology


By Jaden Erschen
Cougar News Blog

     Students district wide have been receiving dangerous e-mails titled “Crucial Document” from spammers attempting to get students to click on the attachments or links within the e-mails. Most of the time there is a red banner across the top of the email that alerts the user that they are using a common method that is used to steal personal information.
     The e-mails include links that try to send the student to a website that steals his/her information. As a result of these e-mails going around campus students are advised to ask teachers about the e-mail to see if it’s safe to open or not.
     “There are many different types of dangerous e-mails that can go undetected: phishing scams, unsolicited advertisements, and email spoofing to name a few,” said Jon Castelhano, AJUSD’s director of technology.
     The best way for students to avoid losing their information is to not click on the e-mail at all. When they click on the e-mail it could put them at risk to lose their information.The best thing to do is delete it.
     “Banks, large companies, and teachers will never ask you for your username and password through an email. If they do it’s a scam. If you receive a dangerous e-mail the best thing to do is delete it,” said Castelhano.
     Mr. Castelhano said students should never click on attachments in an e-mail unless they’re positive that the person who sent it isn’t a spammer.
     “I’ve received Google documents and links in three different e-mails of people trying to steal my information,” said eighth grader Dominique Maldonado.

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  3. Logan says:

    Great story Jaden keep writing! Hope J2 is going great for you.

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