Seventh graders join Student Council

Posted: November 6, 2015 in Academics, Electives, Student Council

Jessica Grabowski
Cougar News Blog

     Jason Davis had new seventh graders join Student Council on Monday, Oct. 19th. He wanted more members in Student Council because projects or preparing for dances would be a lot easier with more students but, Mr. Davis waited until the second quarter to bring new students in so they could adapt to junior high.
     Student Council had a total of eight new students join in the seventh-hour class. Bonding with eighth graders will take time, but Student Council is a team, and will work together at all times so bonding should become easier, and the longer they stay together, they will gradually grow as a team.
     “We cannot become a great team on the first day,” Mr. Davis, the group’s adviser said. “It takes time. But, after every dance, we’ll play bonding games and do some other fun things, but I think it’s most important to get people working together as a team.”
     Seventh grade students said that they love doing art in the class (painting, drawing, coloring, etc.) Kaylee Smith loved and saw how much Student Council did as a team, and so she wanted to join.
     Instead of having everyone in Student Council working on one thing all the time, they can have smaller groups of people working on several things. Ultimately, it means Student Council can do more good things for CCJH.
     StuCo works hard, but most of the time being a leader doesn’t always mean being in charge. It means doing the job right. If every Student Council member was in charge, nothing would ever get done.
     Student Council is a leadership class, but not a lot of people think that. Student Council leads the school by helping get the school in the Cougar PRIDE spirit.
     Davis said,” I expect Student Council members to set good examples for other CCJH students, but what students are actually learning in the class is, how to manage projects, find their role, collaborate, and work through difficult situations.”


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