Choir students sing at Chase Field

Posted: November 10, 2015 in Choir, Electives

By Natalie Delintt
Cougar News Blog

     Choir students at Cactus Canyon went to Chase Field in Phoenix to sing the national anthem for the Arizona Diamondbacks game on Sept. 12.
     Andie Chung, the choir teacher at CCJH, expected her students to learn the Star Spangled Banner in different parts and sing with people they never met before.
     “It was a big group of choral people from all over Arizona, so singing with new people was a challenge but it was a good experience for us,” said Chung.
     It took a week to practice the anthem before the choir students sang it to a stadium full of people with another group of strangers at their sides. Despite this, students and Chung alike are adamant they did a great job.
     “They did really good, they were on time, even though it was warm day, and they focused on the conductor, who was from University of Arizona,” stated Chung.
     Students also had to learn to sing into a microphone because of sound delay in the huge stadium. So, they focused on the conductor instead of the music and poured their hearts into the anthem.
     “It was nerve wracking but I knew if I messed up no one would be able to hear me because everyone else’s voices would drown me out,” said eighth grader Lexi Demery.
     After they sang, the students got to watch the D-Backs game and enjoy their glory while also learning new things about the stadium.
     “I learned that they have a sunroof,” laughed Demery.


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