PTO starts fundraising with clothing drive

Posted: November 17, 2015 in Fundraisers, PTO

By Skylar Sosa
Cougar News Blog

     Dodgeballs, colored paper, whiteboard markers and more; these are all things different teachers are constantly needing in classrooms. To fix this problem, the PTO is going to be having different fundraisers throughout the school year. The most recent fundraiser being a clothing drive.
     PTO is a parent-teacher organization to help the school in all areas. Last year, SMART projectors were bought for classrooms from fundraising and they want to accomplish a goal such as this once again.
     “We want to see if there is anything teachers need extra in their classes to make their job easier,” Mrs. Henry, a member of the PTO, said.
     The clothing drive drop off took place at the Halloween dance, and according to teachers, was very successful. Due to this, PTO plans to have another clothing drive in the spring.
     “We chose the Halloween dance for the pick up day thinking when parents dropped off their students, they could also drop off clothes or other items,” said Henry.
     The drive was helped by Clothing Cycle, a company that collects donations and pays the school according to the number of pounds received. It then sells the clothes in secondhand shops.
     Not only is the fundraising for teachers, but it overall is for students. Without the fundraising last year, most of the SMART projectors at CCJH wouldn’t be there. PTO wants students to recognize that without events like the clothing drive, there wouldn’t be what there is today.
     “I want to see people in nice clothing,” said Nikki Hall, member of Student Council. “I think school programs like this helps make this happen.”
     The most recent PTO meeting took place on Nov. 9 and they are constantly looking for new member to be apart of the team.
     “We are looking for more members so would like any other parents to feel welcome to join,” Henry said.


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